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  • A journalist skilled in interviewing, storytelling, and copy editing; dedicated to thorough research and accuracy; and experienced with word processing, graphic design, photography, and website publishing.
  • A writer whose work has appeared in more than 100 newspapers, magazines, textbooks, and government, trade, and association publications.
  • An editor who approaches stories with respect for both the writer and the audience and who mentors as he strives to attain the highest standards in the end product.
  • A project manager whose success relies on clear vision, solid strategic planning, the agility to adjust to circumstances, cost-efficient resource management, and a commitment to continuous process improvement.
  • Writer

    I began my professional career as a sportswriter while in high school and have published more than 1,200 assigned articles for 104 magazines, newspapers, and websites. I combine newspaper reporting experience with Shakespearean-honed craftsmanship. Specialties include the U.S. military, roller coasters, theater, disability rights, sports, business issues, photography, and travel. Click here for samples.
  • Editor

    I have filled every type of editorial position in the publication world: copy editor for newspapers, magazines, and educational publications; city editor for a daily newspaper; articles editor and managing editor for magazines; do-it-all editor for national commissions. A wordsmith and master of narrative forms, I edit and manage staff with appreciation for my audience and diligence to deadlines. Click here for details.
  • Projects

    With my organizational skills and reverence for collaboration, I have managed projects ranging from newspaper special reports and magazine special editions to government publicity campaigns and congressionally chartered national commission reports. Recently, I led the team that built Camp Legacy on the National Mall, a three-day exhibition honoring Vietnam Veterans and their families. Click here for links.

Latest Assigned Work

Professional Photographer
July 2023

"Alive with Character: Jennifer Brindley celebrates the many facets of womanhood"
(links open PDF)

  Cover of Professional Photographer magazine with four photographs of a pug, the one at the bottom right showing only the tail as the dog walks off the page under the headline "Doggone"
Single Pages

Spread with headline "Alive with character, small portrait of photographer above the headline on first page, portrait of a woman on right page

National Commission on Military Aviation Safety
December 1, 2020 

Report to the President and the Congress of the United States. "Military Aviation noncombat Losses, Fiscal Years 2013-2020: 224 Lives, $11.6 Billion, 186 Aircraft"
(link opens PDF)

  Cover of the 'National Commission on Military Aviation Safety:  Report to the President and the Congress of the United States, December 1, 2020.' 'Military Aviation Noncombat Losses, Fiscal Years 2013-2020: 224 Lives, $11.6 Billion, 186 Aircraft

Vietnam War Commemoration "Operation Welcome Home!"
May 11-13, 2023

Planning and executing "Camp Legacy," a festival space along the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall with exhibits and rally points to give Vietnam veterans and their families the honor and appreciation they've long deserved.
(link opens website)
Vietnam War Commemoration "Welcome Home" poster of older hand holding child's hand in front of the Vietnam wall;Overhead photograph of the National Mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the World War II Memorial and the JFK Hockey Fields running the length of the reflecting pool.

Award-Winning Work

Folio Award for Excellence in Journalism (Eddie Award) 2023
Single Article,
Association / Nonprofit, Professional / Membership Association

Professional Photographer "Don't Look Away: Recognizing the Work of Vietnam War Combat Photographers 50 Years Later," March 2023

Magazine spread of story with headline "DOn't Look Away" and photograph of South Vietnamese soldiers scurrying to unload supplies from a helicopter with its blades still running
Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service, 2023

"Resolute initiative, superior professional skills, and tireless efforts produced the unprecedented success" of Welcome Home! A Nation Honors our Vietnam Veterans and Their Families, May 11-13, as Senior Consultant, Veteran and Partner Outreach for the United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration.

Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for Exceptional Public Service, 2016

"Exceptional leadership, commitment, and managerial ability" as Editor of the National Commission on the Future of the Army

Cover of the National Commission on the Future of he Army with the commission's seal over a silhouhette of a backpacked and firearm toting soldier at sunset.
Jesse H. Neal Award for Best Subject Related Series of Articles, 1999

Swimming Pool/Spa Age Special Report, "Is Our Water Safe? Recent events surrounding bacteria surviving in water are raising an old familiar question."

Swimming Pool/Spa Age cover of a man looking closely at water chemical levels calculator.
Caricature of Shakespeare in casual blue jacket and pants, leaning on a roller suitcase whie holding an iPad in his other hand.
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