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With every approaching move during my father's Air Force career, my mother would insist that once we got to our next home, we would begin "gracious living." My brothers and I were never sure what defined "gracious living," and we obviously never attained it because Mom's intentions to begin gracious living were renewed every time Dad received orders for his next assignment. Looking back, I think we always enjoyed elements of "gracious living": a comfortable home filled with "nice things"; a focus on eating well from a diverse range of foods; an open mind to various forms of entertainment and play; and experiencing the cultures wherever we lived, from Ankara, Turkey, to Tucson, Arizona, to Fairbanks, Alaska (that's a literal order of homes, not a metaphorical range). Though many of my health and lifestyle stories were assigned by editors with whom I'd established long-term relationships, I also drew on what i found interesting in everyday living for my proposals to both established and new markets.