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I used my expertise on the Americans with Disablities Act to market my skills to a wide variety of trade and commercial publications. My strateg was twofold: to either get an ADA assignment that would lead to repeat business or be turned down for an article on the ADA with a "But..." For example, the editor for Funworld Magazine, published by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, rejected my ADA query, saying, "We've just published an article by our own legal experts on that subject. But, what do you know about batting cages?" From that initial assignment in 1993, I wrote 285 articles over the next dozen years for and about amusement parks, waterparks, zoos, family entertainment centers, museums, and haunted houses for trade and commercial magazines. I became a sought-after interview for television documentaries and morning-drive radio shows. Manufacturers invited me to ride their prototype thrill rides in their parking lots. In 2000, I launched The Loop, an online byweekly business-to-business newsletter, but had to shutter it in 2003 due to the industry's post-9/11 slump, a fate a couple of long-established publications suffered, as well.