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Jane Gaboury was the editor for the Institute of Industrial Engineers in 1997 when she received my query proposing a story on the Americans with Disabilities Act. I was good at fashioning my ADA queries to specific markets and their audiences—but, not for industrial engineers, as it turned out. Jane, though, responded with a counter proposal: she needed 5,000-word profiles on influential industrial engineers for Industrial Management. Despite my lack of knowledge with industrial engineering, I wrote 10 profiles for Industrial Management  (learning great management techniques along the way) before the publication fell to budget cuts. About 10 years later, Jane landed with Professional Photographers of America as director of publications, putting her in charge of the organization's Professional Photographer magazine. She called on me to profile photographers, focusing on their skills and business successes. This time, I at least knew how to use a camera. My first Professional Photographer profile—of an industrial engineer, no less—appeared in the January 2013 issue. I've been a regular contributor since.

"Eric Minton is the kind of writer we all hope to find. His writing is smart, crisp, and insightful. He took on many in-depth profiles for me over the years (some with individuals who were more than a bit tight-lipped and staid), and each one was a story I wanted to read. He's good-natured, professional, fun to work with."
Jane Gaboury, Director of Publications,
Professional Photographers of America

(formerly Editorial Director, Institute of Industrial Engineers)