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"Eric Minton is the kind of writer we all hope to find. His writing is smart, crisp, and insightful. He took on many in-depth profiles for me over the course of nine years (some with individuals who were more than a bit tight-lipped and staid), and each one was a story I wanted to read. He's good-natured, professional, fun to work with."
— Jane Gaboury, Director, Publications, Professional Photographers of America
(formerly Editorial Director, Institute of Industrial Engineers)


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Cover of Professional Photographer showing dancing dog and headline "Happy Feet"

Record of Service: How Stacy Pearsall Honors Fellow Veterans
Professional Photographer
March 2018

Image of The Officer cover with photos of young solders posing in Vietnam and soldiers carrying a stretcher to a helicopter in Iraq. Headline on the cover "Legacy of Service" and "Special Report on Traumatic Brain Injury"
The True Trauma of TBI: What is called "mild traumatic brain injury" has serious repercussions for warriors in a medical and cultural landscape of ignorance and bias
The Officer
November 2008

Image of Psychology Today cover with smiling woman leaning on a globe. Headline: "Feel Great! Take Charge of your world. Conquer Stress, Fight Fear, Stop Pain.
Thrills & Chills: The designers behind amusement parks' most popular attractions—roller coasters and haunted houses—are master manipulators of our deepest fears
Psychology Today
May/June 1999

Image of cover of Industrial Management with portrait of Jong-Yong Yun, Philosopher at Heart
Jong-Yong Yun: A Philosophy of Change
Industrial Management
July-August 1999

Image of the cover of Games magazine with a photo manipulated to show famous bald men running a marathon.
September 2001

Image of the Cover of Diversion: For Physicians at Leisure, with a photo of a resort pool overloking a bay in "Mexico's ideal Hideway"
Sowing Seeds Between Sutures: The very green thumb of Bill Holloway, M.D.
Diversion: For Physicians at Leisure
October 1999

Image of cover of Funworld magazine with twisting tracks in red, blue and yellow of a twisting coaster at the forefront, and the humps of a wooden coaster in the background amid a tree-laden landscape
Gearing Up: A Look Behind the Scenes as Cedar Point Prepares for Another Season
June 1999

Image of cover of Off Duty magazine with couple, each holding a glass of wine, standing in a kitchen with fresh vegetables on a cutting board on the counter in front of them, a wood bowl of spinache, a bottle of olive oil, and an open cookbook.
Getting Fit in Your Kitchen: How to take your kitchen form fat to fit, one step at a time.
Off Duty
July/August 1998

Image of the cover of Dramatics, with photo of a man in white beard showing costume designs to a young woman "Inside the Guthrie's costume shop"
Theatre in the Ruins: Shakespeare strides the halls of a 900-year-old castle
September 1988

Most Recent Published Article

Image of the cover of Professional Photographer magazine with the portrait of a girl posing inside a picture frame entwined in branches of silver berries, her red hair flowing out as if electrically shocked
Jet Setter: Shawn Connell chronicles well-heeled weddings the world over
Professional Photographer
November 2020

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With my journalist's grounding, interviewing skills, and unbending fealty to both subject and audience, I'm accomplished in writing pyramid style, narrative form, and complex, time-shifting profiles.

My professional writing career started with sports (baseball, softball, football, field hockey, basketball) in high school.

I was on the education and medical beats in college.

While working as a daily newspaper copy editor, I began covering concerts and interviewing pop and country musicians.

My freelance writing career began as a travel writer and expanded to military lifestyle topics.

I then became a leading national expert on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Writing on disibality rights, assistive technology, and accommodation issues led me to assignments on other matters of businesses, such as disaster preparation, workplace violence, the environment, diversifying markets, and meetings and conventions.

Writing on disability rights also led me to a 10-year stint as a trade journalist for the amusement industry (theme parks, waterparks, family entertainment centers, zoos, aquariums, and interactive museums).

Photography is the most recent topic added to my writer's quiver.

And the writer who most inspired my own evolution in the craft is now the object of my online enterprise, Shakespeareances.



American Nurseryman
Amusement Toda
Anderson (S.C.) Independent-Mail
Armed Forces Network TV Guide
Arthritis Today
Automated Builder
Automotive Executive
(National Automobile Dealers Association)
Biloxi (Miss.) Sun-Herald Marquee
Bird Talk

Bordentown (N.J.) Register-News
British Heritage
Business and Health
Business Radio
Career Pilot
Careers and the DisABLED
Cats Magazine
Cheklist: The International Magazine for Check Cashers
China, Glass, and Tableware
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for the Crafts Industry
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Eastern Aftermarket Journal
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Family Entertainment Center Magazine (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions)
Fire-Rescue Magazine
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Games Magazine
Geico Direct
Good Housekeeping
Graduating Engineer
The Growing Edge: Indoor and Outdoor Gardening for Today's Grower
(United Airlines)
High Technology Careers
Home Lighting and Accessories
Horizon: The Magazine of the Arts
Idea Today, Fitness Professionals
Independent Living Provider
Industrial Fabric Products Review
Industrial Management
(Institute of Industrial Engineers)
Insurance Review
Interior Landscape
Jam: The Music Magazine
JEMS: Journal of Emergency Medical Services
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Military History
Military Times Media Group
Modern Maturity
MPC World: The Magazine for Mail and Parcel Centers
National Cattlemen
New Mobility
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Off Duty: The Military Leisuretime Magazine
The Officer
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The Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times
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Popular Science
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Screenplay: For Garment Graphics
Signs of the Times
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Sports Parade Magazine
Swimming Pool/Spa Age
Textile World
Today's Home Healthcare Provider
Today's Officer
Today's Pawnbroker
Tour and Travel News
Utility Construction and Maintenance

Vocational Biographies
WestMuse (Western Museums Association)
Woman Engineer
Workforce Diversity


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Jesse H. Neal Award for Best Subject Related Series of Articles, 1999, for Swimming Pool/Spa Age Special Report, "Is Our Water Safe? Recent events surrounding bacteria surviving in water are raising an old familiar question."

National Easter Seal Society EDI Award for Print Journalism, 1995, for Hemispheres article "Implementing A Can-Do Attitude: While the business community frets over the impact of laws to hire the disabled, some companies have chosen to focus on people's abilities and not their disabilities. Their successes have the whole world watching."

American Society of Business Publication Editors' Silver Award for Individual Profile in central region competition, 2001, for Industrial Management profile "All Fired Up in Texas" on G. Kemble Bennett, director of the Texas Engineering Extension Service and chairman of the National Domestic Preparedness Consortium.

Magazine Association of Georgia GAMMA Silver Award for Best Feature Writing or Reporting—Business to Business, 2000, for Industrial Management profile, "A Philosophy of Change," on Jong-Yung Yun, CEO of Samsung Electronics Co.

Magazine Association of Georgia GAMMA Silver Award for Best Feature Writing and Reporting—Business to Business, 1997, for Fabricator article "The Concern for Pool Safety: Ornamental fencing and gate systems can save lives while giving fabricators a profitable new market niche."

Magazine Association of Georgia GAMMA Bronze Award for Best Feature Article—Business, 1997, for Fabricator article "Finding Good Workers: As more and more young people vie for white collar jobs, the metalworking industry is left with a serious shortage of trained craftspersons."