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“Sisters send 30,000 letters to children of deployed: Four years ago, two sisters launched a “Thousand Thanks,” and so far have sent notes to more than 30,000 kids of all ages across the country to thank them for the sacrifices they make while their parent is deployed.”, Oct 1, 2010 16:58:26.

“The Battlefield, the Hospital, the Homefront: DoD’s Quadrennial Defense Review not only presents an altered worldview for U.S. armed forces, but a new domestic view, too, and elevates the all-volunteer force, including the Reserve Component, to a strategic imperative.” The Officer, June-July 2010.

“Heart of a Patriot: How I Found the Courage to Survive Vietnam, Walter Reed and Karl Rove by Max Cleland (Simon & Schuster).” Book review. The Officer, April-May 2010.

“ROA National Convention: Outside, the weather was frightful, but ROA members, reserve leaders, junior officers, and exhibitors braved blizzards to get to ROA’s first winter National Convention, Feb. 7-10, at the Washington Hilton. Those who made it learned a lot, worked a lot, and danced a lot.” The Officer, April-May 2010.

“Special Report: Combating Suicide—Suicidal behavior is on the rise in America’s armed forces, and the Reserve Components are as prone to this trend as the Active Component members. In this special report, The Officer looks at the challenges and strategies in tackling the problem of suicidal behavior.” The Officer, February-March 2010.

“Always a Soldier by George W. Hughes (Outskirts Press).” Book review. The Officer, December 2009-January 2010.

“Bounce: Living the Resilient Life by Robert J. Wicks (Oxford University Press).” Book review. The Officer, December 2009-January 2010.

“4 Days in D.C.: ROA 2010 National Convention and Reserve Component Expo.” The Officer, December 2009-January 2010.

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“Biting Fit: Dental health is more than a nice smile and cavity-free teeth; it’s a national security issue.” The Officer, October 2009.

“Heroes Among Us: Complete Coverage of the ROA Convention. Spurred by a ‘milkshake moment,’ ROA tackled the task of setting a prosperous course for the Association while it helped nurture the careers of junior officers and gave guidance to Congress on matters of national security.” The Officer, September 2009.

“Sustaining Members: ROA launches new annual giving program.” The Officer, September 2009.

“The Operational Reservist: The now-accepted term ‘operational Reserve’ implies that those who are in the Reserve Components are ‘operational Reservists.’ As the demand matrix for the typical Citizen Warrior comprises three equal parts—service duty, civilian career, and family obligation—The Officer interviewed three leaders representing each of those aspects to discuss the state of the operational Reservist today.” The Officer, July-August 2009.

“Warfigher: The incoming Marine Reserve chief, fresh off his command of detention and interrogation operations in Iraq, is guided by a singular purpose and a central doctrine: defend the Constitution.” The Officer, June 2009.

“The Orlando Experience: Bring your family and plan to have fun by land, by sea, across the universe, and in space, too. Here’s an insider’s guide to all Orlando has to offer.” The Officer, May 2009.

“Celebrating the Citizen Warrior: ROA/ROAL Mid-Winter Conference & 24th Annual Reserve Component Expo.” The Officer, April 2009.

“Conversations: Perspectives on Leadership—‘Who wouldst thou serve?’ The Officer’s Eric Minton sat down with a selection of servicemen and women—senior leaders, junior leaders, and enlisted leaders—to get their perspectives on leadership, touching on the inner and outer attributes that make a good leader, examples of good leaders, the role of combat experience, the impact of technology, and the current state of leadership in America’s military today.” The Officer, April 2009.

“Robots’ Rules in Order: Robots fighting our wars have long been the stuff of science fiction. They now have become the stuff of science fact, and an author sees fast-approaching ramifications for tactics, strategy, leadership, policy and the Reserve Components.” The Officer, February-March 2009.

“A Preview of the Review: Three years ago this month, DoD published its last Quadrennial Defense Review. Work has started on the next one, and DEF got a peek inside the process and a first look at what issues the QDR might address.” The Officer, February-March 2009.

“Beyond the Walls: ROA rolls out a series of new giving opportunities as part of creating a culture of philanthropy in the Association.” The Officer, January 2009.

“Kicking It up a Notch: The Reserve Components already serve as an effective operational force. Now the nation has to transition to that realization, general says.” The Officer, January 2009.

“’Really Quite Remarkable’: FORSCOM commander sees 21st Citizen Warriors embracing their new roles as operational Reservists.” The Officer, January 2009.

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“Honor Bound: Inside the Guantanamo Trials by MAJ Kyndra Miller Rotunda, USAR (Carolina Academic Press).” The Officer, December 2008.

“Special Report: The True Trauma of TBI—What is called ‘mild traumatic brain injury’ has serious repercussions for warriors in a medical and cultural landscape of ignorance and bias.” The Officer, November 2008.

“Tip of the Spear for 90 Years: ARCENT, ‘Patton’s Own,’ is now a multicomponent organization, but it celebrates a warrior ethos dating back to World War I.” The Officer, November 2008.

“The Baseball Draft: It’s October, it’s World Series time, and here are two books about Major League warriors: Ted Williams at War by Bill Nowlin (Rounder Books) and No Greater Love: Live Stories from the Men Who Saved Baseball by Todd Anton (Rounder Books).” Book Review. The Officer, October 2008.

“A Global Issue: International symposium takes on employer support for Reservists.” The Officer, September 2008.

“A Win4 Partnership: Agreements between the Army Reserve and employers boost recruiting and provide Soldiers a leg up on a successful civilian career.” Reprint. The Reserve & National Guard, September 2008.

“National Convention: It started with a backward glance. But as the 2008 ROA and ROAL National Convention progressed in Atlanta, Ga., June 25-28, all focus shifted to the future. Hard not to, as we were surrounded by 7,500 high school kids.” The Officer, August 2008.

“’They’ve given my my life back’: Lakeshore Foundation’s sports and recreation program helps wounded warriors recapture the fun of living.” The Officer, August 2008.

“Partnerships between Army Reserve and employers strengthen bonds.” Reprint. Warrior Citizen, Summer 2008.

“Cross-Gen: JOLDTS Seminar will delve into gender and generational differences.” The Officer. June-July 2008.

“A Win4 Partnership: Agreements between the Army Reserve and employers boost recruiting and provide Soldiers a leg up on a successful civilian career.” The Officer, June-July 2008.

“JOLDTS Turns 10: ROA program gives Reserve Component officers a unique professional development opportunity.” The Officer, May 2008

“’None of my friends are military. They’re normal people.’” The Officer, May 2008.

The Pentagon: The Untold Story of the Wartime Race to Build the Pentagon—and to Restore it Sixty Years Later by Steve Vogel (Random House).” The Officer, April 2008.

“’A Giant Step’: The Commission on the National Guard and Reserves recommends sweeping reforms in its final report to Congress and the Department of Defense.” The Officer, April 2008.

“ROA Mid-Winter Conference & Exposition: Leadership in the Citizen Warrior Tradition.” The Officer, April 2008.

“Take a Joint Step on Your Career Path: Joint experience becomes increasingly important in rising through the ranks.” The Officer, February-March 2008

“A Great Impact…on you, on your service, on your nation: ROA’s Mid-Winter is a change-maker.” The Office, January 2008.

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Charge! History’s Greatest Military Speeches, Rep. Steve Israel, editor (Naval Institute Press).” Book Review, The Officer, November 2007.

Voices of My Comrades: Fordham University Press produces book of ROA members’ World War II experiences.” The Officer, November 2007.

“ROAL News: Helping Hand—Air Force Reservist’s wife adopts front-line Marines as she ‘serves those who serve.’” The Officer, October 2007.

“First Active-Reserve associate operational fighter wings integrate.” The Officer, October 2007.

“Virtual Installation: Army Reserve chief’s wife pursues an idea that would bring the post to the family.” The Officer, September 2007.

“Mr. & Mrs. President.” The Officer, September 2007.

“The Future is Now…and the future is bright for ROA as generations of leaders descend on San Francisco for the National Convention.” The Officer, September 2007.

’Jump, Damn It, Jump!’ Memoir of a Downed B-17 Pilot in World War II by Edward F. Logan, Jr. (McFarland).” Book review, The Officer, July-August 2007.

“The Mystical City: San Francisco: ROA heads to San Francisco for the National Convention and a golden opportunity for family fun.” The Officer, May 2007.

The Long Road Home by Martha Raddatz (Putnam).” Book review, The Officer, March-April 2007

“Founding Fathers, Big Brothers, Mentors…: By establishing the institution of the drill sergeant in Afghanistan, American Reservists lay the foundation of a professional NCO corps.” The Officer, January 2007.

Mid-Winter Preview: Four days for a lifetime: make a difference, feel a difference at this year’s ROA Mid-Winter Conference.” The Officer, January 2007.

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The War Within: One More Step at a Time, A Doonesbury Book by G. B. Trudeau (Andrews McMeel Publishing).” Book review, The Officer, December 2006.

“The Must-Do Event of the Year: Special preview of the 2007 ROA Mid-Winter Conference and Exposition.” The Officer, November 2006.

So Others May Live: Coast Guard Swimmers—Saving Lives, Defying Death by Martha J. LaGuardia-Kotite (Lyons Press).” Book review, The Officer, October 2006.

“The San Antonio Experience: ROA/ROAL National Convention Coverage.” The Officer, September 2006.

“Soldier, Writer, Speaker: Ralph Peters brings to the National Convention a wealth of on-the-ground experience and incisive opinions.” The Officer, July-August 2006.

“Texas-size Salute.” The Officer, June 2006.

“On a Mission: San Antonio welcomes the ROA National Convention, where members will work hard and play hard.” The Officer, May 2006.

“Conference Highlights Reserve Role in Homeland Security.” The Officer, April 2006.

“ROA Mid-Winter Conference: Youth is served.” The Officer, April 2006.

“Hey, Big Spender: What it takes to attract today’s conventioneers.” Planning, April 2006.

“The Long War: QDR moves from ‘Ready Reserves’ to ‘Readily Available Reserves’.” The Officer, March 2006.

“Destination: Arizona: Great weather, military camaraderie, breathtaking views, and plenty of leisure activities are drawing retirees to this ‘hot’ state.” Military Officer, March 2006.

“Conventional wisdom: Bringing back profit-making ideas and equipment from the NADA show.” AutoExec, January 2006.

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“Native America: Your spotlight on Oklahoma.” The Meeting Professional, December 2005.

“Valentines for Zoos.” WestMuse, Western Museums Assocaition, Summer 2005.

“Meet Smart: Getting the most out of the sales meeting.” AutoExec, September 2005.

“Joint Effort: America’s military branches have got each other’s backs in Iraq. More than at any other time in history, they’re pulling together—this time to win the war on terrorism.” With sidebar: “Joint Warfighting: A History.” Cover story, Military Officer, September 2005.

“Successful Treatment: Accommodating employees with long-term illnesses can be healthy for business.” With sidebar “Appropriate Polices.” AutoExec, August 2005.

“A Northern Renaissance: Your spotlight on North Florida." The Meeting Professional, August 2005.

“Road Trips for the Right Reasons: Associations and corporations are increasingly using regional and drive-in meetings to boost their bottom lines and accomplish organizational goals.” The Meeting Professional, July 2005.

“Base Wars: The Return of BRAC:” With sidebar: “BRAC on Track.” Military Officer, July 2005.

“Beyond the Space: Convention center officials know it takes more than available square footage to secure business. To attract increasingly discerning meeting planners, centers and their staffs must offer exceptional customer service, unique amenities and multifunctional floor plans.” With sidebar: “A Growing Glut?” Cover story, The Meeting Professional, June 2005.

“Renaissance States: Your spotlight on Minnesota and Wisconsin.” With sidebar: “Waterworld.” The Meeting Professional, June 2005.

“SoftWARe: Servicemembers are being introduced to a new type of military training: video war games.” With sidebar: “The ‘Link’ between war and games.” Today’s Officer, Summer 2005.

“Boundless Beauty: Your spotlight on Alaska.” With sidebars: “Anchorage Plans New Convention Center,” “Destinations Details” and “The Truth About Alaska Weather.” The Meeting Professional, May 2005.

“Job Interviews: Finding the best candidate is more than just talk.” Sales Floor column, AutoExec, May 2005.

“Feeling Lucky: As the meetings industry’s health continues to strengthen, gaming venues are taking a gamble and expanding for groups.” With sidebar: “Gaming venue news.” The Meeting Professional, April 2005.

“Capital Events: Your spotlight on Washington, D.C.” With sidebar: “Out with the old, in with the new” and “By the Numbers.” The Meeting Professional, April 2005.

“Communication breakdown.” Service Lane column. Automotive Executive, April 2005.

“On The Move: Whether it’s munitions, meals, or bubble wrap, USTRANSCOM gets it from factory to foxhole.” With sidebar: “Stryker.” Today’s Officer, Spring 2005.

“Island Style: White-sand beaches, crystal clear waters, cloud-busting mountains and pristine rain forests are but a few of the natural amenities that keep planners coming back to the Caribbean Islands.” With sidebar “Bermuda’s Diversity.” The Meeting Professional, March 2005.

“Amusing Events: From Disneyland to Busch Gardens, amusement parks are increasingly accommodating to group events.” Exclusive Online Feature. The Meeting Professional, March 2005.

“Ultimate prospects: A little market research can equal a lot of savings—and a lot of sales.” Sales Floor column. Automotive Executive, March 2005.

“Meetings Come to Port: Political and mariner history permeates Maryland, a state that boasts uniquely scenic attractions and event venues.” With sidebars: “Maryland’s Mountainous Panhandle.” The Meeting Professional, February 2005.

“Seeing Orange: You might be entitled to VA benefits for conditions connected to Agent Orange.” With sidebars: “Connected Conditions” and “Agent Orange History.” Military Officer, January 2005.

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“Delaware: The First State of Mind. Delaware is a small state, but its powerful location and impressive, historic venues have thrust ‘The First State’ into the limelight.” With sidebars: “Meeting the Monster Mile” and “The Entertainment Management of the Delaware Dolphins.” The Meeting Professional, October 2004.

“‘Family Practice: Having a written family leave policy should keep your store in good shape.” With sidebar: “Employee Accommodation: The Big Three” about the FMLA, Worker’s Comp and ADA laws. Automotive Executive, August 2004.

“Air Commandos In Action: On Sept. 11, 2001, the 919th Special Operations Wing revved up for action—and this reserve unit hasn’t slowed down since.” Military Officer, August 2004.

“Law Gives Reservists Job Protection.” With sidebar: USERRA: Where to Get Help.” Cover story, Today’s Pawnbrokeer, Summer 2004.

“Law Gives Reservists Job Protection.” With sidebar: USERRA: Where to Get Help.” Cheklist, Summer 2004.

“Advise & Consent: Reaping profits from good service adviser-customer communication.” With sidebar: “Diagnostics: The Big 10.” Automotive Executive, June 2004.

“Lean, Mean, Freaking Machine: Universal Studios Orlando unwraps a frighteningly limber mummy at its new amusement park ride.” Popular Science, June 2004.

“Making MGIB Work For You.” Today’s Officer on-line edition, May 2004.

“It’s a kick: Practicing martial arts exercises your body and mind—and could slow the aging process.” With sidebars: “Martial Arts Information Online” and “Martial Arts 101.” Military Officer, May 2004.

“Alcorn McBride: The Comfort Zone.” With sidebars: “A Most Unusual Project” and “Accidental Engineer.” Contract profile for Alcorn McBride., March 2004.

"Space Center Bremen finally set to open." With sidebar: "Interest in space keys development, market." Page 1, Amusement Today, February 2004.

"Fruitful IAAPA trade show lifts vendors' spirits: Second largest IAAPA show draws 30,062 attendees from 87 countries, 1,253 exhibitors." Page 1, Amusement Today, January 2004.

"New convention hall still needs adjustments." Page 2 column, Amusement Today, January 2004.

"Europa Park, Everland sign cooperation letter." Amusement Today, January 2004.

"California parks form trade association." Amusement Today, January 2004.

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"The Water-Boomers of America." Indoor waterpark resorts lead the industry's growth. Freizeit Leisure Professional, December 2003.

"Home bodies: Putting together a home gym might help you stick with an exercise program." With sidebars: "Home gyms have their limits," "Home gym choices," and "Additional resources." Military Officer, November 2003.

S&S Power advertorial insert. "New S&S products pace the industry: SkySwatter, SkySling, woodies give parks wider choice of thrills," "Venerable S&S towers get new-angled look," "Screaming Squirrel adds family thrill to S&S product line: Child's toy inspires new coaster design," "Squirrel makes big impression on ride experts," "S&S takes the lead in coaster design: Tower builder gathers talented engineering team," "S&S builds success over two decades" and Profiles of key S&S personnel. Amusement Today, November 2003.

"IAAPA show takes over new exhibit hall: Association to conduct 85th annual meeting." Page 1, Amusement Today, November 2003.

"Let the industry graduate to a higher level" proposing certification training for amusement operators. Page 2 column, Amusement Today, November 2003.

"Book store, lounges added to convention 'Education Station.' Amusement Today, November 2003.

"The lowdown on hybrids" cars. With sidebars: "Incentive programs" and "The lowdown on hydrogen." GEICO Direct, Fall 2003.

"Halloween does frightfully good business: Wonderland latest park to launch October haunt; Hersheypark expands Halloween dates." With sidebar: "IAAPA deal could scare up new business." Page 1, Amusement Today, October 2003.

"Paradigm shift: zoos are ready to take a ride." Page 2 column, Amusement Today, October 2003.

"Thatch tops customized Chance carousel at Cincinnati Zoo." Amusement Today, October 2003.

"Boulder Beach draws record crowds to Silverwood: 12-acre waterpark supplied by Whitewater West and Aquatic Development Group." Amusement Today, October 2003.

"Boji Bay finds hit with concerts, mini-golf." Amusement Today, October 2003.

"Turkey's Aqualand beats off bad year with new marine animal park." Amusement Today, October 2003.

"Hope For a Frightening October." Halloween has become the industry's salvation. Freizeit Leisure Professional, October 2003.

"Replace surliness with sir-liness. . .please." Page 2 column, Amusement Today, September 2003.

"Vegas Star Trek expanding with 4D Borg show." Amusement Today, September 2003.

"Camp Snoopy to get Gerstlauer's first spinner." Amusement Today, September 2003.

"Lakeside's Whip turns again after 4-year renovation." Amusement Today, September 2003.

"Third themed ride storms into Hyland Hills." Amusement Today, September 2003.

"Disney's Epcot ready to launch Mission: SPACE." Page 1, Amusement Today, August, 2003.

"A vocal confrontation for the dirty minded," revealing cleanliness as a primary concern among surveyed park guests. Page 2 column, Amusement Today, August, 2003.

"Victorian Gardens family park opens in N.Y.'s Central Park: All nine rides at park supplied by Italy's Zamperla." Amusement Today, August, 2003.

"Skycoaster breaks 1,000-foot mark at Royal Gorge." Amusement Today, August, 2003.

"Universal 4-D movie attraction bridges two Shrek films." Amusement Today, August, 2003.

"N.J.'s Steel Pier gets new wheel, keeps helicopter rides." Amusement Today, August, 2003.

"Parrot Jungle evolves into Miami's first full-scale theme park with move." Part 2 of 2, Amusement Today, August, 2003.

"Tornado slide blows away Mountain Creek guests." Amusement Today, August, 2003.

"The've Seen Better Days." Industry reals from early season attendance drops. Freizeit Leisure Professional, August 2003.

Sally Corporation advertorial insert: "Tutankhamon rises to the Challenge: Six Flags Belgium launches new era with Sally dark ride," "Vendors build ride, relationship," "Sally Corp. brings dark rides to light," "Scooby-Doo gang scores another hit: Paramount adds ride to Kings Island mix," "Scenic wonders: Challenge of Tutankhamon's chambers filled with secrets, extraordinary details," and "Rye Playland calls on Sally to update classic: Project establishes company's devotion to dark ride tradition." Amusement Today, July 2003.

"Tragic lessons: news, comfort goes a long way," analyzing Holiday World's response to its fatal coaster incident. Page 2 column, Amusement Today, July 2003.

"Fresno Rotarian park restored, seeks rides: Park home to historic carousel built by Arrow." Amusement Today, July 2003.

"S&S' first woodie soars into Seattle landscape." With sidebar: "Arrow engineer transitions from steel to wood." Amusement Today, July 2003.

"Lagoon carousel gets makeover for 110th anniversary." Amusement Today, July 2003.

"Parrot Jungle evolves into Miami's first full-scale theme park with move: $47 million relocation and renovation opens June 28." Part 1 of 2, Amusement Today, July 2003.

"Oceans of Fun gets colorful with Whitewater structure." Amusement Today, July 2003.

"Weber reviews first year at Paramount Parks helm." Amusement Today, July 2003.

"All about shapes, not size." New rides utilize new features for their thrills. Freizeit Leisure Professional, July 2003.

"Staying in the Swim: Why aquariums succeed—or fail." With sidebar: "Strictly Business" on Ripley's successes. Planning, June 2003.

"Cedar Point attains new heights: Intamin provides record setter." With sidebars: "Dragster timeline began with Millennium's opening" and "Unique ride required new operations matrix." Page 1, Amusement Today, June 2003.

"Lagoon ride gives guests a new spin: Maurer Söhne supplier of The Spider spinning coaster." Page 1, Amusement Today, June 2003.

"It's not how high you go, it's how far you go," lauding Cedar Point's operations. Page 2 column, Amusement Today, June 2003.

"Bonfante starts season under Paramount management." Amusement Today, June 2003.

"Parc Asterix finally adds ghost train to ride mix." With sidebar: "Grévin concentrates on theming at acquired parks." Amusement Today, June 2003.

"Kings Island enjoys one-two punch with new rides: Sally installs interactive dark ride; Huss delivers second giant ride to themer." Amusement Today, June 2003.

"Vegas Stratosphere buys supersized Sky Skater: Utah's Interactive Rides to supply newest thrill ride for tower's 1,000-foot roof level." Amusement Today, June 2003.

"The Beach concentrates on improvement, rides." Amusement Today, June 2003.

"Youth-serving California." California theme parks open new attractions aimed at youngsters and tweeners. Freizeit Leisure Professional, June 2003.

"Legoland's newest ride takes on Bionicle toy line theme: Teacup ride supplied by Germany's Mack." Page 1, Amusement Today, May 2003.

"Disneyland opens Pooh as classic dark ride." Page 1, Amusement Today, May 2003.

"A personal message from the 'front lines,'" a military spouse's view of the war in Iraq. Page 2 column, Amusement Today, May 2003.

"Terra Mitica gets Vekoma coaster, Paramount name." Amusement Today, May 2003.

"Magic Mountain rounds out collection with B&M ride." Amusement Today, May 2003.

"Paramount's Nick Central leads Great America in new direction." Amusement Today, May 2003.

"Superman tower, S&S arrive at SFOT." Amusement Today, May 2003.

"Great Wolf resort concept expanding to new markets." With sidebar: "Second Dells resort aims for Sandusky." Amusement Today, May 2003.

"Hyland Hills adds to theme with ProSlide river." Amusement Today, May 2003.

"Edutainment Center." The new breed of child care. Freizeit Leisure Professional, May 2003.

"An industry built on a long line of what's new." Page 2 column, Amusement Today, April 2003.

"New woodie puts Wild Waves, S&S on coaster map." Amusement Today, April 2003.

"Lagoon gets a new spin for Spider coaster." Amusement Today, April 2003.

"Parrot Jungle Move." Freizeit Leisure Professional, April 2003.

"Any Problems?" War in Iraq has little impact on U.S. amusement industry. Freizeit Leisure Professional, April 2003.

“The Voice of America.” Column on the amusement industry in North America. Freizeit Leisure Professional: “The Numbers for you to say ‘Wow’!” Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster is an anamoly for the struggling industry. February 2003.

“Camp Snoopy turns 20 with new ride, fresh look: Themed six-acre section ushered in new era for kid’s entertainment.” With sidebars: “Interactive Rides skates into Knott’s Camp Snoopy with family ride” and “Snoopy enhances Knott’s retail opportunities.” Page 1, Amusement Today, March 2003.

“We’ve gone beyond a ‘reasonable doubt.’” Page 2 column, Amusement Today, March 2003.

“Australia’s Dreamworld pumps up crowds with Nick area: First Nickelodeon themed area outside U.S. includes attractions from Vekoma, SCS.” Amusement Today, March 2003.

“Parks feel pain of slumping insurance industry.” Amusement Today, March 2003.

“Landmark studies find no link between coasters, brain injuries.” Amusement Today, March 2003.

“Landry’s mixes rides with restaurant, aquarium: Galveston Rainforest Cafe features themed boat ride; Houston Aquarium features a Chance train ride through a shark tank.” Page 1, Amusement Today, February 2003.

“‘Shall I compare thee to a summer day,’” ode to the amusement industry. Page 2 column, Amusement Today, February 2003.

“Robinson’s son adds tech savvy to PR consultant.” Amusement Today, February 2003.

“KumbaK’s development on schedule with new coaster design.” Amusement Today, February 2003.

“Two English parks closing, historic rides may be lost: Demolition planned for Rotunda in Folkestone and Dreamland Fun Park in Margate.” Amusement Today, February 2003.

“Wonderland Sydney debuts Marvel comic characters.” Amusement Today, February 2003.

“AIMS Intl. Safety Seminar enjoys largest turnout ever.” Amusement Today, February 2003.

“Resort waterpark provides more than Oasis for guests: EDS Cloward provides design, Whitewater provides slides.” Amusement Today, February 2003.

“Kalahari Resort opens expanded waterpark.” Amusement Today, February 2003.

“IAAPA show upbeat, buzzes with business: Industry appears headed for recovery.” With sidebar: “Collins seeks input as new IAAPA chair.” Page 1, Amusement Today, January 2003.

“IAAPA gives an unexpected PR lesson at show.” Page 2 column, Amusement Today, January 2003.

“Huss, Bobbejaanland ink deal, establish relationship.” Amusement Today, January 2003.

“Australia’s Adventure World debuts Zamperla Power Surge.” Amusement Today, January 2003.

“Knoebels buys Zamperla family ride at IAAPA.” Amusement Today, January 2003.

“Wild Adventures adding two coasters.” Amusement Today, January 2003.

“Herschends separate name of corporation from SDC park.” Amusement Today, January 2003.

“Noah’s Ark to build unique Ark experience: Technifex, Mack team up to create Noah’s Incredible Adventure ride.” Amusement Today, January 2003.

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“Taking the lead in year-end industry honors.” Page 2 column, Amusement Today, December 2002.

“Story Land clock ride thrills kids, tells time: Spinning tub ride supplied by Wisdom Industries.” Amusement Today, December 2002.

“Arrow points toward bright future for S&S.” Amusement Today, December 2002.

“Nellie Bly Park’s founder get Brooklyn street name.” Amusement Today, December 2002.

“Fit for life: Maintain your lust for life by establishing a fitness routine—no matter what your age.” With sidebars: “A three-part strategy” and “Risk factors.” Retired Officer, December 2002.

“New Mexico Rattler makes successful debut: Cliff’s Amusement Park never lost faith.” Page 1, Amusement Today, November 2002.

“A value-able lesson from the 2001 season.” Page 2 column, Amusement Today, November 2002.

“Disney’s California catches a ‘Bug’ with new area.” With sidebars: “DCA lowers age demo with new attractions” and “Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train gets choice theming.” Amusement Today, November 2002.

“It’s an American mission for American Zoo and Aquarium Association.” Amusement Today, November 2002.

“Sally Corp. dark ride headed for SF Belgium: The Curse of Tutankhamen.” Amusement Today, November 2002.

“Great Wolf Lodge installing SCS, Creative Kingdoms interactive game.” Amusement Today, November 2002.

“S&S Power previews three rides, wood coaster unit.” Amusement Today, November 2002.

“Kalahari expansion to give Dells first Master Blaster.” Amusement Today, November 2002.

“Fun Expo eyeing exponential growth: Annual meeting returns to Vegas, 2003 dates set for Sept. 15-19.” Amusement Today, November 2002.

“Hope, James Bond lead into revamped IAAPA ‘02: During 84th annual meeting.” With sidebar: “Magic Kingdom to host IAAPA social.” Page 1, IAAPA Special Edition, Amusement Today, November 2002.

“Ten reasons to attend IAAPA year after year.” Page 2 column, Amusement Today, November 2002.

“Go-kart track incorporates roller coaster elements.” Page 1, Amusement Today, October 2002.

“The showcase room for every park: rest rooms.” Page 2 column, Amusement Today, October 2002.

“Cyprus’s Waterworld debuts themed slide: Whitewater supplies The Quest of Heracles.” Amusement Today, October 2002.

“Employee rewards program thrives at Noah’s Ark.” Amusement Today, October 2002.

“American zoos turning to family rides: Rides producing theming, new revenue sources.” Amusement Today, October 2002.

“Michigan’s Adventure flourishes under new ownership: More than $6 million spent on park for rides, infrastructure improvements.” Page 1, Amusement Today, September 2002.

“Recalling the brotherhood of September 11th.” Page 2 column, Amusement Today, September 2002.

“Life Outside The Industry: Raging Waters Judy gets ice time with NHL.” Amusement Today/Splash, September 2002.

“Making Magic: Geyser Falls integrates theme, back story into unique guest experience.” With sidebar: “Waterpark keys Miss. resort’s growth.” Amusement Today/Splash, September 2002.

“Knott’s ‘Xcelerates’ into new thrill territory: Intamin provides $13 million coaster. Page 1, Amusement Today, August 2002.

“Parks can go camping to build attendance.” Page 2 column, Amusement Today, August 2002.

“Palace builds waterpark presence; rethemes FEC chain.” Amusement Today, August 2002.

“Lagoon veteran, Clark Robinson, takes IAAPA helm.” Amusement Today, August 2002.

“Americana reawakens as LeSourdsville Lake.” Amusement Today, August 2002.

“Cross fertilization: Cedar Point VP arrives via waterpark; Soak City GM comes from ride ops.” Amusement Today/Splash, August 2002.

“Holiday World letting guests rub it in this season: Indy’s Splashin’ Safari offering guests free sunscreen.” Amusement Today/Splash, August 2002.

“Give your good scouts a chance to scout.” Page 2 column, Amusement Today, July 2002.

“Indiana Beach, CCI introduce one-of-a-kind coaster: Vertical lift supplied by Larson Intl.” Amusement Today, July 2002.

“Kennywood recovers from freak wind storm.” Amusement Today, July 2002.

“China’s Happy Valley gets aggressive, adds rides.” Amusement Today, July 2002.

“Rasti-Land soaks up Hafema raft ride.” Amusement Today, July 2002.

“New Disney Studios takes care to reflect European patronage.” Amusement Today, July 2002.

“Choctaw build $20 million waterpark: July opening set for Philadelphia, Mississippi park.” Amusement Today/Splash, July 2002.

“Gaylord Palms resort gives guests thematic pools, water features.” Amusement Today/Splash, July 2002.

“Waterparks lead trend in child monitoring systems: Security, peace of mind prompt programs for guests.” Amusement Today/Splash, July 2002.

“Denver’s Water World turns drought into community relations tool.” Amusement Today/Splash, July 2002.

“Cedar Point gives enclosed coaster 3D look.” Amusement Today, July 2002.

“New license strategy moves Chance to ink Bussink deal.” Amusement Today, July 2002.

“Disney speaks six languages at studio park.” Amusement Today, July 2002.

“Cedar Point guests like new ride reservation program.” Amusement Today, July 2002.

“ECA2 produces shows for Swiss Expo02.” Amusement Today, July 2002.

“Hitting the right note at the end of the day.” Page 2 column, Amusement Today, June 2002.

“WB Madrid gives Six Flags a chance to build new park: $345 million park features five themed areas, 25 rides on 370 developed acres.” With sidebar: “Ad campaign target Spanish market, WB equal.” Amusement Today, June 2002.

“Life Outside the Industry: Magic Waters’ Kennedy goes the distance as a marathon runner.” Amusement Today/Splash, June 2002.

“Family affairs: A close-knit team keeps success coming around the corner at The Beach.” With sidebar: “Ohio’s The Beach: A happening place.” Amusement Today/Splash, June 2002.

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“Joliet readies new waterpark, Splash Station for July 1 opening.” Amusement Today/Splash, June 2002.

“Cedar Point gives Intamin LIM ride a wicked twist.” Amusement Today, June 2002.

“SF St. Louis laps up Scooby magic on boat ride: Sally Corp. provide interactive ride.” Amusement Today, June 2002.

“Developers eye Nashville for new thrill park.” Amusement Today, June 2002.

“VisionLand bondholders to foreclose.” Amusement Today, June 2002.

“Court gives OK, Six Flags takes over Jazzland.” Amusement Today, June 2002.

“WB Movie World spurs economic infrastructure.” Amusement Today, June 2002.

“Great Lakes + great towns = great times! These six lakeside spots make for special weekend getaways or vatactions. Find one that’s right for you and jump right in!” Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio. Midwest Living, May/June 2002.

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Amusement Today, Inc. acquires Splash magazine: Marilyn Turner continues editor duties, magazine’s production and publishing moved to Texas.” With sidebar: “Publications form powerful combo of talent.” Amusement Today, May 2002.

“Kings Island scores surprise success with Tomb Raider.” Amusement Today, May 2002.

“Miracle Strip opens S&S tower.” Amusement Today, May 2002.

“New general manager seeks brilliance at Jersey park.” Amusement Today, May 2002.

“Bonfante gets new leadership for 2nd season.” Amusement Today, May 2002.

“Erie hoteliers plan indoor waterpark: $16 million indoor Splash Lagoon to open in time for Christmas holidays.” Splash. April/May 2002.

“New GM seeks brilliance at Jersey park.” Splash. April/May 2002.

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“Catering to your waterpark’s needs.” Food service. Splash. April/May 2002.

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Amusement Today, Minton’s form news alliance, weekly updates planned: Minton takes over duties as AT’s Website editor.” Amusement Today, April 2002.

“Fire destroys Whalom Park ballroom.” Amusement Today, April 2002.

“Cedar Fair removes VertiGo’s; S&S releases investigator’s findings.” Amusement Today, April 2002.

“Cyprus park adds themed Whitewater body slides.” Amusement Today, April 2002.

“The Wet Zone selects ProSlide for bowl ride.” Amusement Today, April 2002.

“Racer to flow at Hawaiian Waters park.” Amusement Today, April 2002.

“WWA moves magazine in-house; Splash to publish separately.” Amusement Today, April 2002.

“Jazzland changing owners; eyes upgrades.” Amusement Today, April 2002.

“Georgia’s Callaway plans upscale resort for Gardens.” Amusement Today, April 2002.

“Disney bows to shareholders, splits audit, consulting.” Amusement Today, April 2002.

“The birth of the midway.” GEICO Direct, Spring 2002.

“Universal’s Patriotic Mardi Gras heralds post Sept. 11 Conscience for amusement industry: Many parks to push patriotism themes during upcoming season.” Page 1, Amusement Today, March 2002.

“Gardaland caps new family area with giant tree, Madhouse.” Amusement Today, March 2002.

“Destin Florida’s Big Kahuna’s gets ProSlide tube slides.” Amusement Today, March 2002.

“New look for bowling center.” Amusement Today, March 2002.

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“Japanese park breaks speed record with S&S coaster.” With sidebar: “Coasesr created worries, thrills for designers.” Amusement Today, February 2002.

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“Huss makes great strides with new rides, theming.” Amusement Today, February 2002.

“Setpoint introduces family coaster concept.” Amusement Today, February 2002.

“Knott’s marks anniversary of train with enthusiasts.” Amusement Today, February 2002.

“Slimmer Arrow emerges from bankruptcy move.” Amusement Today, February 2002.

“City waterpark to bring thrill to North Texas.” Amusement Today, February 2002.

“Koala joins divisions in new play item.” Amusement Today, February 2002.

“Kodak goes online with souvenir pics.” Amusement Today, February 2002.

“Reeling in New Customers: Exciting and easy. . .that’s the message pet shops are sending to kids and teir parents in efforts to hook new fish enthusiasts and lure old hobbyists back to pet specialty stores.” With sidebar: “Dive In! to Retailer Resources.” Pet Age, February 2002.

“IAAPA Orlando 2001: ‘The professionals came:’ Total show attendance reaches 26,809 visitors.” Page 1, Amusement Today, January 2002.

“Incoming Chairman Baldacci faces IAAPA challenges with goals.” Amusement Today, January 2002.

“Chance Rides reorganization puts firm back on track.” Amusement Today, January 2002.

“Vekoma Rides continues line of thrills, new designs.” Amusement Today, January 2002.

“Reverchon keeps Hopkins Rides products, parts.” Amusement Today, January 2002.

“Gerstlauer redesigns car for family coaster.” Amusement Today, January 2002.

“Funtown/Splashtown plans slide overhaul.” Amusement Today, January 2002.

“Beach waterpark wraps new ride in secrecy.” Amusement Today, January 2002.

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“S&S unveils new bungee concept.” Amusement Today, December 2001.

“Historic Whalom Park faces foreclosure.” Amusement Today, December 2001.

“City of Rowlett, Texas, opens $3.3 million waterpark.” Amusement Today, December 2001.

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“Economic trouble closes Bonfante Gardens early.” Amusement Today, November 2001.

“Waterless urinals pass the test at Holiday World.” Amusement Today, November 2001.

“We don’t have the heart to continue.” The American Zoo and Aquarium Association’s annual meeting is disrupted by 9/11. Communiqué, November 2001.

“Package deals: Puppy and kitten starter kids can help you educate customers about their new pet’s needs, reduce returns and move slower-selling supplies—all in one fell swoop.” Pet Age, November 2001.

“Branson’s The Track opens LumberJack go-kart track.” Page 1, Amusement Today, October 2001.

“3D ‘Tall Tales’ get told at Georgia’s Stone Mountain.” Amusement Today, October 2001.

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“Play center puts guests inside ‘video game’ at Stone Mountain.” Amusement Today, September 2001.

“Knobels works to maintain authentic equipment.” Amusement Today, September 2001.

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“Skee-ball.” Games, September 2001.

“Fort Worth Zoo goes Wild with themed ride concepts.” Amusement Today, August 2001.

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“Bonfante Gardens opens as nature and ride park.” Amusement Today, August 2001.

“Indiana’s Holiday World offers guests new greeting.” Amusement Today, August 2001.

“Legoland opens Lego Grand Pavilion for events, parties.” Amusement Today, August 2001.

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“Sesame Street gets European address.” Amusement Today, July 2001.

“Kennywood gets ‘Revenge’ with new Phantom.” Amusement Today, July 2001.

“Allison disrupts Gulf Coast park operations.” Amusement Today, July 2001.

“Six Flags World of Adventure unveils X-Flight.” Amusement Today, July 2001.

“NBGS Intl. unveils new concept waterpark, Schlitterbahn Beach.” Amusement Today, July 2001.

“Schlitterbahn blends exotic, local flavors: Palms and palapas.” Amusement Today, July 2001.

“Joyland Park passes down to next generation: Nelsons took over Wichita park in 1967.” Amusement Today, July 2001.

“Indy Zoo adds Zierer family coaster.” Amusement Today, June 2001.

“Dorney ‘quietly’ opens Talon inverted coaster.” Amusement Today, June 2001.

“Hersheypark considers purchase of Dutch Wonderland.” Amusement Today, June 2001.

“Alaska’s first waterpark to include Master Blaster.” Amusement Today, June 2001.

“Whitewater installing six-slide tower complex: At N.J. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.” Amusement Today, June 2001.

“Jack Guynn: Oracle of the Atlanta Fed.” CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Cover story profie. Industrial Management, May-June 2001.

“Great Adventure ride stands tall: Nitro hypercoaster from B&M.” Amusement Today, May 2001.

“Paramount’s Kings Island’s new rides aimed at ‘tweeners’. Amusement Today, May 2001.

“Great Bear Lodge home to indoor waterpark: Sandusky, Ohio tourism should benefit.” Amusement Today, May 2001.

“Six Flags Georgia pager system makes virtual queues a reality.” With sidebar: “Parks nationwide offering no-wait systems.” Page 1, Amusement Today, April 2001.

“Parks, haunters descend on annual Halloween trade show.” With sidebar: “Gotcha! burns guests images onto souvenir CD.” Page 1, Amusement Today, April 2001.

“Santa Cruz Beach B’walk makes bid as dark ride capital.” Amusement Today, April 2001.

“Jack Walker: Survivalist with a Heart of Steel.” Cover story profile. Industrial Management, March-April 2001

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“Minton’s ‘The Loop’ goes cyber.” Amusement Today, March 2001.

“Legoland set to open German Wild Mouse.” Amusement Today, March 2001.

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“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “Carousel corral” (Efteling imports carousels for festival); “Staying afloat” (Knoebels enters a float in area parades to promote park); “Place space” (Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex contracts a stage show for kids); “Don’t boot camp” (opinion piece on competing with camps for families’ disposable time); “Drink up the profits” (Holiday World’s free drinks experiment); “Billed gates” (Myrtle Beach Pavilion’s gate experiment); “Placing track betas” (Coney Island and Hyland Hills test out prototype service products); “Wet ‘n’ dry” (Tomahawk Lake’s broken dam drains lake); “Herd on the grapevine” (Columbus Zoo uses border collie to get rid of wild geese). “New Arrivals”: Terra Mitica theme park, Knott’s Berry Farm’s Perilous Plunge shoot-the-chutes, and a boy at Experience Park Tripsdrill. “Crunching the Numbers: Stone Mountain’s weight.”

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“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “A healthy attraction” (Dollywood’s on-park clinic); “Nabbing Moe business” (Waterworld Cyprus stages a Broadway play); “A cyclical business” (Seneca Caverns hosts bicyclists’ tour); “On a wing and a roar” (Holiday Park hosts motorcyclists tour); “A lesson learned” (Starcadia’s back-to-school promotion backfires); “Way to go” (Monetery Bay Aquarium director purchases electric hybrid car); “Herd mentality” (Zoo Emmen purchases large plot of land for expansion). “New Arrivals”: Cincinnati Zoo’s Kroger Lords of the Arctic exhibit, Bobbejaanland’s El Rio flume ride, Europa-Park’s Poseidon water coaster, Los Angeles Zoo’s Red Ape Rain Forest exhibit, Crelay Adventure Park’s El Pastil Loco family coaster, Nagashima Spa Land’s Steel Dragon 2000 roller coaster. “Crunching the Numbers: Skull Kingdom’s finds.” October 2000.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “Surviving survivors (Carowinds stages a take off on TV’s Survivor show); “Braking a barrier” (Linnanmäki Amusement Park in Helsinki hires its first roller coaster brakewoman); “Capital T rhymes with B” (bear breaks in to Alaska Zoo); “Chain gang” (Morey’s Piers receptionist collects keychains). “New Arrivals”: Camelbeach Waterpark’s Titan waterslide, Idlewild Park’s Dr. Hydro’s Soak Zone, SeaWorld Orlando’s Kraken roller coaster, Midway Park’s Tidal Wave, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s Australian Adventure exhibit, Wild Waves waterpark in Wildwood, N.J., Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Valhalla dark ride, Aqua Fantasy waterpark in Selcuk, Turkey, Knott’s Berry Farm’s Soak City U.S.A. waterpark, Knott’s Soak City U.S.A. (Chula Vista) waterslide Coronado Express, Indianapolis Zoo’s Enchanted Mill playground, Columbus Zoo’s African Forest exhibit, and SeaWorld Orlando’s Discovery Cove. “Crunching the Numbers: Bronx Zoo votes.” September 2000.

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“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “The thrill is back” (Russia begins developing an amusement market); “Sand in their shoes” (Sentosa Sandsation sculpting festival); “Crowning Jewel” (Conny-Land, Switzerland, builds successful disco); “A beef about the heat” (Dutch Wonderland riverboats navigate around swimming cows). “New Arrivals”: Port Aventura’s Sea Odyssey, Six Flags Darien Lake’s Twister, Waldameer Park’s Ravine Flyer III, Hersheypark’s Lightning Racer, Six Flags America’s Superman—Ride of Steel, St. Louis Zoo’s Monsanto Insectarium, Charleston, S.C., Aquarium, DJ’s Galaxy Quest Family Entertainment Center, SeaWorld Cleveland’s Mission: Bermuda Triangle, Lake Compounce’s Boulder Dash, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom’s Road Runner Express, San Diego Wild Animal Park’s Condor Ridge, Six Flags Great Adventure’s Hurricane Harbor waterpark. “Rebirths:” Pleasureland Southport’s King Solomon’s Mines, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Cave Train, Magic Springs Theme Park and Crystal Falls Water Park. “Crunching the Numbers: Big drummers, Boy.” August 2000.

“Jazzland.” (Copy for photo spread of theme park’s grand opening). Funworld, July 2000.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “The purple phantom” (Pesty geese seem to have an aversion to purple); “Work-at-thon” (Blackpool Pleasure Beach prepares for coasterthon); “Contesting the market” (Saigon Water Park in Vietnam uses contests to draw patrons); “Tied to be fit” (Myrtle Beach Pavilion’s executive wears coaster-motif tie); “They don’t myth many” (Crealy Adventure Park stages dragon egg hunt); “It’s a roller coaster!” (Paramount’s Kings Island’s Son of Beast); “It’s a roller coaster!” (The Sahara Hotel and Casino’s Speed—The Ride); “It’s a carousel!” (Adventureland’s carousel); “It’s a kiddie coaster!” (Linnanmaki’s Space Express); “It’s a roller coaster!” (Six Flags St. Louis’ The Boss); “It’s triplets!” (Six Flags Ohio’s three coasters); “It’s a roller coaster!” (Myrtle Beach Pavilion’s Hurricane—Category 5); “It’s a roller coaster!” (Holiday World’s The Legend); “It’s an African animal exhibit!” (Cincinnati Zoo’s Vanishing Giants); “It’s a drop tower!” (Valleyfair!’s Power Tower); “It’s a water slide!” (Water Country USA’s Meltdown); “It’s a kiddie area!” (Dorney Park’s Camp Snoopy); “It’s a roller coaster!” (Cedar Point’s Millennium Force); “It’s coasters and wheels!” (Riverside Park’s rebirth as Six Flags New England); “It’s a dark ride!” (Paramount Canada’s Wonderland’s Scooby-Doo Haunted Mansion).

“Paramount Marketing: In a marketing strategy ovehaul, Paramount Parks finds everything it needs in one small package.” Funworld, June 2000.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “A wordly woman” (Dixie Stampede spurs global competition), “Not a typical herbivore” (San Diego Wildlife Park battles a peculiar garden pest), “It’s a roller coaster!” (new arrival Ananconda at Luna park), “It’s an animal exhibit” (Busch Gardens Williamsburg opens Jack Hanna’s Wild Reserve), “It’s a mutant ride!” (Paramount’s Carowinds opens Nickelodeon Flying Super Saturator), “Summer job” (Camelback Ski  Resort slides into summer profit), “It’s a MadHouse!” (Alton Towers opens Legend of the Towers), “It’s a kiddie area!” (Paramount’s Kinds Dominion opens Nickelodeon Central), “Paws-on healing” (Nellie Bly finds new roles for its pets), “It’s a museum!” (North Carolina opens Museum of Natural Sciences), “It’s a learning gallery!” (Monterey Bay Aquarium opens Splash Zone), “It’s a coaster!” (Worlds of Fun opens Boomerang), “It’s a curse!” (Europa-park opens Curse of Cassandra), “It’s a kiddie area!” (Dollywood opens Dreamland Forest), “Racin’ on the path” (SeaWorld uses humps to brake its carts). June 2000.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “Fool’s gold” (Midway Park tells a not-so-tall tale), “A little house painting” (Grona Lund becomes a patron of the arts), “It’s a discovery center!” (Virginia Hand Callaway Discovery Center), “It’s a roller coaster!” (Superman Krypton in Fiesta Texas), “Ring out the old” (Kennywood gets marketing mileage from closing Phantom), “It’s a roller coaster!” (Medusa in Six Flags Marine World), “It’s a roller coaster!” (Stealth opens in Paramount’s Great America), “It’s a, well, something!” (Guinness World Records Experience opens), “When old turns classic” (Dutch Wonderland squeezes more miles out of an old spaceship), “No forgetting this visit” (Universal Studios takes aliens to the nation). May 2000.

“FEC Blue.” With sidebars: “FEC Blue: Financial Entanglements.” Funworld, May 2000.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “Standards Transmission” (Go-kart tracks get new standards), “Super Bowl dolphins” (Super Bowl exposes Discovery Cove), “A Titantic uprising” (Nashville Shores another coattail to ride), “It’s a roller coaster!” (Goliath opens a Six Flags Magic Mountain), “All the park’s a stage” (Shakespeare’s plays are the thing at Europa-Park), “A bid for true love” (Course of true love doesn’t run smooth at the Philadelpia Zoo), “Double or nothing” (weather-proof promotion for The Plex), “The suffer fools well” (Ripley’s gets April foolish). April 2000.

“Catherine Land-Waters: Ambiguity Is a Gas.” Cover story profile. Industrial Management, March-April 2000.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “Down Under getting up” (Australia surges ahead thanks to an Olympic-size event), “A 10:1 scale tax bill” (Mini-Israel stalls because of a giant tax bill), “It’s an arctic exhibit!” (We welcome Toledo Zoo’s arctic beasts), “It’s an FEC!” (Heron City Big Fun in Madrid opens), “Endangered species” (Dinosaurs keep evolving despite being extinct), “Oh! you beast” (Columbus Zoo gives guests a peak at how future generations are made), “In living black and white” (Disneyland goes retro for its new stage hit, Toy Story), “A race with the law” (Papio Fun Park paints go-karts to resemble police cruisers). March 2000.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “Chain lifted” (Alton Towers’ new coaster set to open), “Merger has a nice ring” (Ed Roberts proposes to Kasey Crocker at the ’99 IAAPA convention), “It’s a panda exhibit!” (Zoo Altanta open the Giant Panda Habitat), “Waterpark’s first Noel” (Marriage propsals at the Beach waterpark during Christmas), “It’s a theme park!” (Hopi Hari Park opens in Brazil), “It’s a nature center!” (Maymont Nature & Visitor Center opens inn Richmond, VA), “Fresh-faced recruits” (Lantz’s Arrowhead Springs recruits early for employees), “Dark Days ahead?” (Dark rides set to open in several parks this season), “A tough ’hood” (Sidebar: Hummingbird nests are found at Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk), “Dock days for sea loins” (Sea lionns find home at PIER 39). February 2000.

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“Fun Spot: In the shadow of amusement industry giants, a Family Entertainment Center has found sure footing on an unused parcel of swampland.” Funworld, January 2000.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “Plush with success” (FAO Schwarz works with zoos designing plush dolls), “Post-season play” (Leukemia patient spends a day at Knoebels), “It’s a waterpark” (Aquaparc opens), “Come on baby, light my fir” (Eric as an honoree Christmas tree lighter at Cypress Gardens), “Job exchange rates high” (Busch Entertainment’s job exchanges), “IAAPA Show quiz” (Crunching numbers on trade show), “Not another Mousetrap” (German show “Tatort tapes at Europa park), “Holiday for the home” (QVC visits Holiday World), “IAAPA’s 2040 chairman” (Geno Romano), “Depending on humor” (Jeff Jouett’s embarrassing market campaign). January 2000.

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“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “A wild wait staff” (SeaWorld’s new restaurant and ride), “Economies stalled, but not idle” (South American attractions press on), “Openings: Legoland California,” “Diving into new markets” (Ogden’s waterpark takeover expands global position), “Pig in the City” (Adventure City adopts homeless pig), “Hoofing it in Australia” (“Babe” animatronics creator builds new park), “Doing the job right,” (Mother/owner cleans park’s bathrooms), “A flash of inspiration” (Noah’s Ark installs shoot-the-chutes), “Stepping up to the competition” (Disney World books entertainment), “Political lines were drawn…and colored” (Scooby-Doo wins Great America mayoral race). May 1999.

“DIY Foods: Vending. With strategic placing, thematic looks, popular fare, and the same customer service standards applied to all equipment ane employees, vending machines can enhance rather than detract from an attraction’s food service operation.” With sidebars: Three new do-it-yourself concepts,” and “Bulk beauty.” Funworld, May 1999.

“Restoring the Store: Automaker brand imaging redraws dealership design.” With sidebar: Renovation tips”, “Designing Employees”, and “Lights! Flooring! Action!.” Automotive Executive, May 1999.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “Fits to a ‘tee” (manatees move to Ohio zoos), “A model of peace” (Mini Israel legacy of peace process), “An oasis of opportunity” (Kuwait’s first water slides), “Fish cross river for tax break” (Kentucky tax law attracts aquarium), “Pooling resources” (Sales tax finances Oklahoma City Zoo improvements), “And the winner is. . .” (California Science Center hosts special events), “So proud, he’s speechless” (Disney’s Pluto doesn’t comment on astronomical debate), “The babysitters club” (Miracle Strip/Shipwreck Island introduce VIP card), “The Ice Menagerie” (Lincoln Park Zoo’s ice-sculpting contest), “Amen to that” (Waldameer Park expands), “A web of intrigue” (Six Flags new web site), “An international alliance” (Orlando attractions partner for group tours), “Local attraction recalled to space” (NASA requisitions Shuttle part from museum). April 1999.

“Bug off! Pest control: Creepies, crawlies, no-see-ums, see-too-many-of-ums, whatever form they take, every park has to deal with some form of pest. They can detract from guest enjoyment, detroy carefully tended landscaping, and, in some cases, raise health concerns. But with new products and due diligence, parks are keeping nature’s survivors at bay.” With sidebar: “Who you gonna call?” Funworld, April 1999.

“Islands of Adventure: Universal’s first theme park of the next century weaves new technology with childhood fantasy to create a unique new adventure.” With sidebars: “Accessibility” (barrier-free park), and “Staffing.” Funworld, March 1999.

“Frontier City.” Profile of park’s disaster preparedness, survival and recovery from a tornado. Funworld, March 1999.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “More than the Midway” (Wild Adventures advertising campaign), “A Whale of a Day” (SeaWorld Orlando Trainer for a Day), “Behind the Mystery” (Winchester House Behind the Scenes tour), “An Eye for an Eye” (Miracle Strip glass eye), “Learning a New Trade” (Cypress Gardens Great Outdoors Adventure Show), “Getting Flagged” (Six Flags parks upgrading), “Downhill Climb” (Intrawest Corporation expansion), “Scream ‘Hallelujah’” (Dollywood roller coaster and gospel music hall of fame). March 1999.

“Corporate Picnics.” Cover story on how different attractions cater to corporate gatherings. With sidebar: “Corporate Picnics: Renting Venue.” Funworld, February 1999.

“Senior Class: How to get your share of the growing mature market.” Automotive Executive, February 1999.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “Scaring up a Meal” (Terror on Church Street cafe), “Putting a damper on Success” (Visionland expansion), “A Flood of Emotions” (Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort floods), A Blow to Success” (Michigan’s Adventure windstorm), “It’s Not Just an Adventure” (Gene Weeks Honorary Commander), “Unjust O-press-ion” (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk misquote), “Grit and Bear It” (SeaWorld Orlando freeze), “A Room with a View” (Ocean Park, Hong Kong pandas), “Home Improvement” (Six Flags Great Adventure facelift), “What’s in a Name” (Mountain Creek letter). February 1999.

“The Loop.” Column on developments in the amusement industry. Funworld: “Lands of the Giants” (Disney and Universal expansion plans), “Making Waves in the Med” (Cyprus’ WaterWorld Waterpark), “Screaming Headlines” (Sox Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest), “Testing the Waters” (World Waterpark Association study of water standards), “Illusion Pooches” (Duinrell B.V. Netherlands new dog show), “Incentive Rides” (Roller coaster height chart), “Europeans fare well” (Annual Europarks dinner), “Beach-front nativity” (The Beach Water Park “Paradise in December” show). January 1999.

“Music in the Air: Smart parks are hosting concerts of all genres to entice new visitors and keep regulars coming back.” Funworld, January 1999.

“IAAPA’s Eightieth Annual Convention and Trade Show Wrap Up.” Cover story on happenings at the convention. With sidebars: “Strange Boothfellows,” “What’s New Theater,” “Booth Building,” “Best Exhibit Awards,” “Lone Star Gala,” “Workshops,” “Judging Exhibits.” Funworld, January 1999.

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“Rudy Herrmann: Successful IE, Student for Life.” Cover story profile of Industrial Engineer Rudy Herrmann, President and CEO of Dover Resources Inc. Industrial Management, November-December 1998.

“Designing for Women.” What FECs should know about attracting female customers. With sidebars: “Gender Designs: What Women Like,” and “They are Women, Hear Them Roar.” Family Entertainment Center, November/December 1998.

“Healthy Foods: While traditional amusement foods still reign, alternative diets are carving a noticeable niche in the market.” With sidebar: “Water, Water Everywhere.” Funworld, November 1998.

“In-Park Communications,” What to look for when purchasing a communications network for your park operations. Funworld, November 1998.

“Growing Alternatives: Though some consumers still express concern over chlorine’s side effects to the body and the environment, convenience is the key to growth in the realm of alternate sanitizers, retailers say.” With sidebars: “What about the future,” “OK, to sell or not to sell: That is the question,” and “Who manufactures what?” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, November1998.

“Matchmaker, matchmaker…: While manufacturers and builders say the custom spa market is thriving, it’s not the same market it was several years ago.” With sidebar about forecasting the market. Swimming Pool/Spa Age, October 1998.

“Testament to the Reserve.” History of America’s citizen soldiers. Off Duty/National Guard & Reserve, Fall 1998.

“Play It Safe: When you use any type of recreational vehicle, you need to be clear-headed, knowledgeable and have the right attitude.” GEICO Direct, Fall 1998.

“Team Players: The technical work place relies on teamwork to accomplish corporate goals.” Workforce Diversity, Fall 1998.

“The Big Kahuna.” Profile of family water park and amusement center. Cover story, Family Entertainment Center, September/October 1998.

“A Family Mix: Though some arcades and entertainment venues chose to cater to the adolescent crowd, many others with to keep ‘family’ the first word in FEC. Groups of teens just hanging around can drive away families with pre-adolescent children.” With sidebar about separating age groups. Family Entertainment Center, September/October 1998.

“Passing it on…Military Mentors.” With sidebar: “Romania Mentoring” profiling a mentoring program in Europe. Off Duty, September/October 1998.

“Military Brats in the Pro Ranks.” Cover story, Off Duty, September/October 1998.

“For Your Amusement: What the enterainment industry is doing for places large and small.” With sidebar: “One Giant Theme Park” profiling Myrtle Beach, S.C. Planning, September 1998.

“On the waterpark: As an industry reacts to one of its own causing an E. coli outbreak, waterpark officials say water quality is and will continue to be its greatest priority.” With sidebar: “White Water: What happened?” Special cover report, Swimming Pool/Spa Age, August 1998.

“Disability on the Silver Screen: Hollywood loves disabilities, but can people with disabilities love Hollywood?” New Mobility, August 1998.

“Safe environment: The pool and spa industy is at the point where builders, manufacturers and consumers are all working together to creat a safer pool and spa environment.” With sidebars: “If you only knew…” drowning statistics, “Layers of protection,” and “If you push it, they will buy.” Special supplement of Swimming Pool/Spa Age, August 1998.

“Clothes Make the Tech: Uniforms lift morale and customer perception.” Automotive Executive, August 1998.

“Big Neighbors: Small attractions have to try a little harder when they operate a stone’s throw from national destination parks.” Cover story, Funworld, August 1998.

“Getting Fit in Your Kitchen: How to take your kitchen from fat to fit, one step at a time.” With sidebars: “Getting fit in the commissary” and “Servings.” Cover story, Off Duty, July-August 1998.

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“David Poirier: IE Visionary Delivers the Goods for Grocery Supplier.” Cover story, Industrial Management, May-June 1998.

“In & out: The 1992 Americans With Disabilities Act is making its presence felt in the pool and spa industry.” With sidebar: “Define disability, create access” and “Aquatic access guidelines set.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, June 1998.

“Assistive Technology: Common Sense & Imagination.” With sidebar: “Job Accommodations Resource List.” EEO Bimonthly, May/June 1998.

“Physical Games: Getting in the game.” Profile of physical gaming trend at amusement centers. With sidebar: “Fitness and group sales.” Family Entertainment Center, May/June 1998.

“Stepping it up: With brighter colors, more exotic patterns and a host of amenities, today’s vinyl liner pools are sporting a more upscale look.” With sidebars: “Vinyl liners: Who is responsible?” and “Headaches and heartaches.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, May 1998.

“Maps: Maps are the most practical art form known to parks. Through a balance of detail and simplicity, they make guests feel at home. The good ones do everything but fold themselves.” With sidebar: “Anatomy of a Map.” Funworld, May 1998.

“Dealers’ Little Helpers: Play areas and other dealership amenities keep children distracted and adults focused.” With sidebars: “Liability Lessons,” “Behavior Modification” about controlling children in play areas, and “Home Site” about mobile auto service units. Automotive Executive, May 1998.

“Global Think: Today’s worldwide marketplace demands the understanding of cultural divesity and requires international savvy to advance your career.” Cover story, Workforce Diversity, Spring 1998.

“A Few Good People.” Profile of defense industry engineering. Woman Engineer, Spring, 1998.

“First Sergeants: Maintaining the Guard & Reserve’s Esprit de Corps.” Cover story, Off Duty/National Guard & Reserve, Spring 1998.

“The Other Shopping On Base: Look outside exchanges for some of the best bargains.” Off Duty/National Guard & Reserve, Spring1998.

“Wound Care: A Limb Saving Science. New scientific approaches to healing can save patients from pain, infection and amputation.” With sidebars: “Wound Care as Prevention” and “New Wound Care Techniques.” Today’s Home Healthcare Provider, April 1998.

“Market Religiously: Church groups offer amusement parks and Family Entertainment Centers the kind of repeat business that will make a believer out of the most cynical marketing executive.” With sidebars: “Religious Marketing Tips” and “Religion Wariness.” Funworld, April 1998.

“Full Immersion Interactive Play.” Family Entertainment Center, March/April 1998.

“Alternate sanitizers winning market share: Convenience and cost are driving more consumers to try non-traditional water treatment.” With sidebars: “Helping dealers to sell” and “Keeping pace: Alternates take hold on our shores.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, March 1998.

“Park Rescue: Preparation and partnership with local officials can make the difference in emergency rescue efforts.” With sidebars: “Shockingly Affordable” about Automated External Defibrillation, and an untitled item on maintaining the park’s ambiance during rescue operations. Funworld, March 1998.

“Theft Prevention: Strict adherence to sound policy is a facility’s best defense against merchandise shrinkage.” Funworld, February 1998.

“Spas: Is bigger better? As manufacturers face this hot new question in the spa game, they are starting to create newer, larger spas as well as smaller, more compact units. The answer lies in the hands of the consumer.” With sidebar: “Defining the trend: Manufacturers discuss and define some of the areas driving the size and demand for today’s spas. See what’s guiding the consumer’s decision.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, February 1998.

“International Representatives: Bringing the differing perspectives of the international amusement community to the table, IAAPA’s international representatives have helped make the association a more responsive global organization.” Funworld, February 1998.

“Get Fit Now: There’s never been a better time than right now to get serious about getting in shape, thanks to the many on-base programs and facilities.” With sidebar: “10 Steps to Getting Fit.” Cover story, Off Duty, February-March 1998.

“A Whole Mess O’ Texas: Vibrant, multi-ethnic San Antonio is the Lone Star state’s melting pot.” With sidebar: “More for your money” about military discounts. Off Duty, February-March, 1998

“Winter adventures: Cross-country trekking in Minnesota.” Midwest Living, February 1998.

“Purchasing lessons from the feds: The government spotlights the differences among plans, and then lets consumer power produce quality, low-cost health care for employees.” Business & Health, February 1998.

“Luke Faulstick: ‘Baron of Blitz’ Has Boundless Vision of Continuous Improvement.” Cover story, Industrial Management, January-February 1998.

“American Adventures.” Profile of a children’s amusement park in suburban Atlanta. Family Entertainment Center, January/February 1998.

“Welfare to Work: Amidst a booming economy and 20-year low unemployment rates, parks are taking a fresh look at non-traditional employee pools.” With sidebar: “Non-traditional sources for employees.” Funworld, January 1998.

“IAAPA Show Review.” With sidebar: “IAAPA Show Awards.” Funworld, January 1998.

“Taking the spa market international: So you want to make money abroad? To do this, manufacturers advise trying an attitude adjustment and acquiring a whole lot of understanding of foreign cultures and needs.” With sidebar: “A look at the foreign consumer.” Cover story Spas/Saunas Quarterly supplement of Swimming Pool/Spa Age, January 1998.

“Marketing cleaning equipment: Manufacturers are offering a variety of incentive and discount programs to help get your selling season started.” With sidebar: “A new idea: Cleaning and sanitization combined.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, January 1998.

“Mississippi Headwaters: In a land of towering trees and a burly fellow named Paul Bunyan, a great river begins its journey.” With “Travel Guide” resource list. Midwest Living Mississippi River Getaways, 1998.

“Minnesota’s North Shore: Duluth’s urban charms give way to an inviting wilderness landscape worth exploring.” With “Travel Guide” resource list. Midwest Living Great Lakes Getaways, 1998.

“Things to See & Do In Michigan.” Michigan Travel Ideas, 1998: “Top Billing in Detroit” (theaters), “Midland’s Dow Legacy” (Architect tour), “Grand Home Tours” (Detroit auto barons), “Kalamazoo’s Flower Power” (Flower festival), “Michigan’s Bownty” (farms to visit), “City Nights” (Corktown Inn in Detroit), “Stargazing by the Bay” (Bay City planetarium), “All Aboard for Mining History” (mine railroad), “A Kalamazoo Showplace” (bed and breakfast), “Beef and Brew on the UP” (restaurant), “North Country Trail Trek”, “Great Lakes Lighthouse Lore,” “Blooming Good Times” (public gardens), “Art Beneath the Pines” (Interlochen Center for the Arts), “Cruising Lake Michigan,” “Sweet Dreams in White Cloud” (inn that serves banana splits), “A Toast to Wine Country,” “Old World Frankenmuth,” “Traverse Bay Territory,” “UP Snowmobiling,” “Visit Michigan on the Net,” “Farm Fare With Flair” (Farm Restaurant), “Easy Floats Near Big Rapids” (floating on Muskegon River).

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“Choosing Software That Meets Your Needs.” Cover story, Cheklist, Winter 1997.

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“Discoveries: A Few of Our Favorite Midwest Finds.” Contributions to regular feature. Midwest Living:
“Holiday Dinner With Drama” (dinner theater), “Wreaths Made By the Book” (Biblical wreaths), “All Dolled Up” (doll store), “Merry Meals At the Mill,” “Better than Fruitcake!” (traditional povitica bread), “A Christmas Tale by Rail,” “A Bard & Breakfast Stay,” “Yule Shopping Year-Round” (Christmas store), “Drive-in Bible Stories” (light display). December 1997.

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“Coney Island Emporium: A nostalgic taste of the Big Apple is creating smiles in Las Vegas.” Family Entertainment Center, November/December 1997.

“Edutainment.” With sidebar: “Edutainment Technology.” Family Entertainment Center, November/December 1997.

“Treading the Grey Line: Gender images in the amusement industry are under increased scrutiny in today’s marketplace. Companies breaking into the global market are discovering cultural and moral attitudes that don’t respond favorably to sexually suggestive marketing. In the amusement trade, street level operators are finding sexual imagery is turning away historically untapped segments of the population. While the line is often difficult to define, marketing on the wrong side of it can be costly.” Funworld, November 1997.

“Pampered & Privileged.” Profile of military resorts. Cover story, Off Duty/National Guard & Reserve, Fall 1997.

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“The Greening of Auto Retail: Will environmental marketing help grow your dealership?” With sidebar: “Better (Work) Environment” and “Environmental Costs.” Automotive Executive, October 1997.

“The Changing Face of MWR.” Military clubs remodel to rival off-base chain restaurants. With sidebar: “Operation Privatization” about privatizing on-base recreation services. Off Duty, September-October 1997.

“AIDS Care Comes Home: Aggressive treatment has turned the once-certain terminal disease into a chronic condition.” Cover story, Independent Living Provider, September-October 1997.

“The Concern For Pool Safety: Ornamental fencing and gate systems can save lives while giving Fabricators a profitable new market niche.” With sidebar: “Safety Consciousness” about marketing safety. Fabricator, September-October 1997.

“Coverage to Count On.” Feature on Servicemember’s Group Life Insurance. With sidebar: “And After Separation?” about converting to Veterans Group Life Insurance. Off Duty, September-October, 1997.

“Discoveries: A Few of Our Favorite Midwest Finds.” Contributions to regular feature. Midwest Living: “Fill ’Er Up at a Dearborn Deli,” “Desserts by Mail,” “Hot Shopping at Cool Stuff” (store profile), “A Tall Ship Sails in Chicago,” “Hitting the Hay in Kansas” (bed & breakfast in renovated dairy barn), “Gobble Up This Missouri Festival” (Eldon Turkey Festival). October 1997.

“Mr. Cleland Goes To Washington: This Georgia senator is the most highly visible person with a disability to reach the upper echelons of American political power.” Careers & the disABLED, Fall 1997.

“Builders of Civilization: Tomorrow’s Civil Engineers Will Have To Be More Farsighted Than Their Predecessors.” With sidebar: “The Civil Engineer of the Future.” Woman Engineer, Fall 1997.

“Uncle Sam wants YOU in the Classroom.” Education programs and incentives for reservists. With sidebar: “Sharing the Power,” profile on a new community education program operated by the National Guard. Off Duty/National Guard & Reserve, Fall 1997.

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“Not The S.A.M.E.S. Old Job.” Cover story on company contracting EMTs as on-site occupational safety monitors and medical providers. JEMS, August 1997.

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“Laser Tag: Manufacturers are developing new techniques to improve the profitability of laser tag arenas and keep players coming back.” Funworld, August 1997.

“The Resurfacing Renaissance: If your facility hasn’t upgraded its flooring in the past few years, there’s a world of opportunity right at your feet.” Funworld, August 1997.

“Discoveries: A Few of Our Favorite Midwest Finds.” Contributions to regular feature. Midwest Living: “All Aflutter in the Ozarks”(Missouri butterfly sanctuary), “Happy Birthday, Radio Flyer!” “Steakhouse Eats at Home,” “‘Dig This’ in Illinois” (archeaology center), “A Superior Kayak Trail” (Lake Superior Water Trail). August 1997.

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“Getting hot (and steamed) about health: Do you want to boost sauna/steam room sales? The first and most important step is to give your staff and customers the facts on their benefits. If you haven’t done that yet, read on.” With sidebar: “Four steps to sauna education.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, July 1997.

“Take me to the water: From a bathtub to a swimming hole to the ocean and beyond, some of our industry’s leaders share the aquatic memories that helped to set their careers in motion.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, July 1997.

“Perfecting that hole in the ground: From concrete to vinyl and fiberglass, the swimming pool always has been an integral part of the American Dream.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, July 1997.

“Ride-Along: De Kalb (Ga.) FD Technical Rescue Team.” Fire-Rescue Magazine, July 1997.

“Virtual Reality Roller Coasters: Strap in for the ride of a lifetime that careens down mountain highways and out into the stars--without ever leaving the room.” With sidebar: “Subtle Simulation.” Cover story, Funworld, July 1997.

“Going to Extremes: yeeeeeEEEEEOOOOOWWWWW!!!! It’s loud. It’s in your face. It’s out there, it’s hip, it’s. . .Healthy? It is, in a word, extreme, and it’s exploding into the amusement industry with all the frenetic energy and bombastic verve of a Mountain Dew commercial.” Funworld, June 1997.

“For the thrill of it all.” A guide to Florida’s amusement parks. With sidebars: “Military Lodging” and “ITT Offices.” Off Duty, June 1997.

“Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Father.” With sidebar: “Who can help?” Cover story, Off Duty, June 1997.

“Selling safety through testimonials: While opinions vary on their effectiveness, testimonials continue to be a front-line marketing technique for the pool and spa industry.” With sidebar: “Confronting pool owners’ water safety concerns.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, June 1997.

“Military Games: Again and again, amusement industry manufacturers are showing that the military is not just a job, it’s a gaming adventure.” Funworld, June 1997.

“Discoveries: A Few of Our Favorite Midwest Finds.” Contributions to regular feature. Midwest Living:
“Iowa’s One-Stop Department Store,” “Toe-Tapping Ohio Toys” (clog dolls), “Illinois’ McMuseum,” “To Grow Or Not To Grow” (Shakespearean Garden), “Truckin’ to Beto’s” (truck-stop restaurant). June 1997.

“Room to Breathe: Changing patient demographics and expanded applications are increasing the demand for more serviceable oxygen therapy.” With sidebar: “Asthma: On the increase.” Independent Living Provider, May/June, 1997.

“Karaoke: Parents and children alike are discovering that a lot of enthusiasm can be more entertaining than a lot of talent.” Family Entertainment Center, May/June 1997.

“ADA: Heeding law can produce bottom-line bonus.” With sidebars: “ADA facility requirements.” and “Disability Etiquette.” MPC World, Summer 1997.

“A Perfect Match: While not vital to achieving employment bliss, a good mentor can bring you immeasurable professional growth and understanding.” Workforce Diversity, Summer 1997.

“Setting international business standards: While NSPI and others are building relationships abroad, unifying world standards will take time and patience.” Report on global construction standards for swimming pools. With sidebars: “Stachel: Worldwide federation could help set international standards” and “How you can find success in global business.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, May 1997.

“Thunder & Asphalt.” Feature on NASCAR. Off Duty, April-May 1997.

“Rides-Go-Round: In an industry fueled by the latest and greatest, more operators are forced by economic reality to purchase used rides when building, expanding, or even refurbishing their parks with rides that are ‘new’ for their customers.” With sidebar: “If It Ain’t Brokered. . .” about used rides brokers. Funworld, April 1997.

“Total Force Commitment.” Cover-story analysis of changing force structure for U.S. military Reservists. With sidebar: “Cohen’s Priorities” about the new Secretary of Defense’s goals. Off Duty/National Guard & Reserve, Spring 1997.

“Stitching the Golden Parachute.” Summary of retirement benefits. Off Duty/National Guard & Reserve, Spring 1997.

“Swimming the Internet.” Today’s Pawnbrokeer, Spring 1997.

“Raising Your Abilities: The Department Of Defense Offers Accommodations That Make A Difference In The Workplace.” Careers and the disaABLED, Spring 1997.

“Cyber Search: Here’s Some Firsthand Advice On How To “Pound The Internet Pavement” To Find The Perfect Job.” Workforce Diversity, Spring 1997.

“Taming the Wild Garage: Attache or unattached, it’s part of your home, so keep it safe.” GEICO Direct, Spring 1997.

“Up To Speed: Company Training Programs Share a Common Philosophy—To Get the Most Into and Out of New Engineers.” Woman Engineer, Spring 1997.

“World Wide Web Can Snare Useful Information.” Cheklist, Spring 1997.

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“Discoveries: A Few of Our Favorite Midwest Finds.” Contributions to regular feature. Midwest Living:
“Bicycles Built By Two,” “A Whole Lot of Classic Cars” (car museum), “Surprising Indiana Syrup,” “Tee Time on the Tundra,” and “The Park Where East Went West” (Oregon Trail park). April 1997.

“Pet Notes.” Occasional collection of pet news and tips. Midwest Living: “When Your Pet Misbehaves.” April 1997.

“Capturing the Moment.” Article on amusement park photography. Funworld, April 1997.

“Go-Karts: A clearly identifiable trend in the go-kart industry sees operators building more tracks to cater to wider demographics and tastes.” Family Entertainment Center, March/April, 1997.

“Managed Care Network.” Column on developments in managed health care. Independent Living Provider: “Government 101.” March/April 1997.

“Using the Internet for business.” With sidebars: “Guide to Internet indexes” and “Doing business on the Net.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, March 1997.

“Above and Beyond: Military sports heroes being all they can be and more.” Cover story, Off Duty, February/March 1997.

“Using poolscapes to build your backyard oasis: Pool builders and landscape architects are working together on a variety of pool and water feature designs.” With sidebars: “Landscaping key: Stay within the budget,” “Artificial rocks: Are the live or ‘memo-rocks?’” and “Between a rock and a hard place: The natural vs. man-made boulder debate.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, February 1997.

“School Creeps: Lengthening school calendars and year-round schools deliver one-two punches to amusement parks, hurting both attendance and staffing.” With sidebar: “The Lessons of Year-Round Schools.” Funworld, February 1997.

“Video Violence: The backlash to video violence has clearly raised social consciousness and may have reshaped the video game market, giving their business greater growth potential.” Family Entertainment Center, January/February 1997.

“In The Pipeline: HME Providers Appreciate The Ease Of Using Wholesale Distributors As Suppliers For Thousands Of Medical Goods.” Independent Living Provider, January/February 1997.

“A Natural Attraction: Caves, among the longest-standing tourist attractions in both natural and business terms, remain popular draws.” With sidebar: “Kentucky Down Under.” Funworld, January 1997.

“Banking on Experience: Finding a lender with auto industry know-how is Job 1.” With sidebar: “Lender Checklist.” Automotive Executive, January 1997.

“Medics in the Emergency Room: A Michigan paramedic explains how it can work.” Cover story, JEMS, Janauary 1997.

“Above-ground pools: Manufacturers expect strong ‘97 sales.” With sidebars: “Education is the word in marketing of above-ground pools” and “Leasing above-ground pools.” Swimming Pool/Spa Age, January 1997.

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“Computerization: Making Machines Serve Your Business.” Cover story, MPC World, Winter 1996.

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“Finding Good Workers: As more and more young people vie for white collar jobs, the metalworking industry is left with a serious shortage of trained craftspersons.” Fabricator, November/December 1996.

“Disability Etiquette: FECs can follow some simple rules to better interact with customers with disabilities.” Family Entertainment Center, November/December 1996.

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“Everything’s Coming Up Roses” (store of roses), “Biking Through the Years” (Chicago bike museum), “Smorgasbord By Mail” (mail-order jams), “For Fur-Ocious Appetites” (restaurant), “Weather Vane Folk Art” (hand-carved weather vanes), “Lighthouse Lodging,” “Giant Murals and More” (restored theater), “Ever-Changing Garden,” “Global Poultry Showcase” (rare birds farm). April 1996.

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“‘Doors and Gates’ opens up appreciation of Charleston.” Book review on The Doors and Gates of Charleston. Anderson Independent-Mail, Jan. 13, 1991.

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Kate Gordon, Clemson University freshman, an ongoing series of features chronicling the first year of a typical student, chosen by the Anderson Independent-Mail, at Clemson: “How time flies: 254 days later, freshman shows signs of growth.” May 3, 1990.

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“Fast Cats: A Cornwall sports center will teach you how to sail the ‘Formula One’ of sailboats.” Off Duty, April 1990.

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“London: A diverse diversion.” Profile of London, England, with sidebar: “West End stages massive selection for theater-goers.” Anderson Independent-Mail, Jan. 14, 1990.

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“Rolling Stones put Clemson on the entertainment map.” Analysis of rock concert’s cultural impact on Upstate South Carolina. Anderson Independent-Mail, Dec. 10, 1989.

“Some still helping Hugo victims.” Package of articles for Thanksgiving on continuing Upstate relief efforts for Hurricane Hugo victims. Anderson Independent-Mail, Nov. 23, 1989: “Mental health center helps victims keep their minds”; “Pastor leads flock to storm-devastated fishing village”; “Clemson professor helps bring back state’s forests”; “You can still aid recovery.” How-to help list.

“A child's cry: sexual abuse of our children.” A series on pedophiles. Anderson Independent-Mail, Nov. 19-21, 1989: Part —-“‘You’re taught to trust your family:’ Most sexually abused kids hurt by someone they know.”  Sidebar—“‘He told me not to tell anyone.’” Feature on a victim. Part 2—“They ‘don’t look like perverts:’ Pedophiles maintain clean-cut, respectable look to lure children.” Sidebar—“Warning signs can tip parents to molesters.” Part 3—“Child sex abuse cases soaring.” Sidebar—“Mommy, ‘Do I have to go to jail, too?’” Feature on a family wracked by the cycle of sexual abuse. “How to help or get help” information box with each days' package of stories,

“One Stones’ fan didn’t wait long enough.” Report on a Clemson freshman who bought tickets to a Rolling Stones concert in Jacksonville, Fla., before the Clemson concert was announced. Anderson Independent-Mail, Oct. 24, 1989.

Kate Gordon, Clemson University freshman, an ongoing series of features chronicling the first year of a typical student, chosen by the Anderson Independent-Mail, at Clemson: “Swarming the banks of Death Valley.” Kate attends a football game. Oct. 22, 1989.

“Stones gig unconfirmed.” Report on the Rolling Stones considering Clemson for concert. Anderson Independent-Mail, Oct. 17, 1989.

“Fighting a stacked deck.” Package on disabilities issues. Anderson Independent-Mail, Oct. 9, 1989: “Handicapped seeking full legal rights” (analysis of pending legislation in Congress); “Man’s handicap hides job skills” (feature on quadriplegic’s search for employment); “If you are handicapped in Anderson…you’d better be able to drive” (first-person account of being a paraplegic. “Calhoun fine-tuning for disabled cost nearly $250,000.” Feature on historic building turned into retirement center).

“Robert Weller—‘The Wild One’: The president of Econo Lodges owes his ‘second childhood’ to the motorcycles he admired—but couldn’t afford—in his youth.” Travel People, October 1989.

“Pee Dee area still counting Hugo’s toll.” Florence County, S.C., after Hurricane Hugo. Anderson Independent-Mail, Sept. 30, 1989.

“Relief comes rolling in to Hugo-ravaged areas.” Hurricane Hugo relief efforts reach McClellanville, S.C. Anderson Independent-Mail, Sept. 29, 1989.

“Hurricane teaches a lesson in giving.” Anderson church starts relief efforts after Hurricane Hugo. Anderson Independent-Mail, Sept. 28, 1989.

“Amid disaster, life continues.” Report on post-Hurricane Hugo activity in Charleston, S.C. Anderson Independent-Mail, Sept. 26, 1989.

Kate Gordon, Clemson University freshman, an ongoing series of features chronicling the first year of a typical student, chosen by the Anderson Independent-Mail, at Clemson: “Some freshmen sing homesick blues: Counselors, students note depression rising among new arrivals.” With sidebar: “Parents battle the empty nest blues.” Sept. 25, 1989.

“Legend of ‘Gray Man’ warning of storms persists in Hugo: Ghost story from Revolutionary times is retold.” Anderson Independent-Mail, Sept. 24, 1989.

“After the winds and rains end, summer sings its swan song.” Hurricane Hugo and Upstate South Carolina. Anderson Independent-Mail, Sept. 23, 1989.

“Focus on corrections.” Package on a Marine Institute corrections camp for youths vs. the rural town of Lowndesville. Anderson Independent-Mail, Sept. 21, 1989: “DYS officials are looking to Upstate for Marine Institute” (analysis of issue); “Marine Institute looking for a few special kids” (feature on Marine Institute camp in Beaufort, S.C.); “Institute bails out one young man” (profile of one youth in the camp); “Plans for a Marine Institute divide residents of Lowndesville” (feature on town); “A critic speaks out against the plan” (profile of one Lowndesville resident).

“Even as taxman, Mitchell praised: He retires from public service with respect, reputation for efficiency.” Profile of city tax collector Harold Mitchell. Anderson Independent-Mail, Sept. 17, 1989.

“The Garbage Glut.” Contributions to series on the future handling of household waste. Anderson Independent-Mail, Sept. 10-13, 1989: “Tracking our trends in trash: Lifting lids provides a peek at what we eat, read, and simply can do without” (first-person feature on an archaeologist’s view of Anderson's trash from the back of a garbage truck); “Fighting incendiary worries: Charleston has blazed controversial trail with trash incinerator.” With sidebar: “How an incinerator works.”

“Scotland’s Pride: Edinburgh is a living monument to the Scots, a people with a sophisticated art and a sense of fun all their own.” Off Duty, September 1989.

“Trace your roots in Britain: Great Britain’s genealogical research centers help amateur sleuths get a bead on their bloodlines.” Off Duty, September 1989.

Kate Gordon, Clemson University freshman, an ongoing series of features chronicling the first year of a typical student, chosen by the Anderson Independent-Mail, at Clemson: “Welcome to college: Thousands of students are embarking on one of the biggest transitions of their lives--the beginning of a school career.” Aug. 24, 1989.

“He cuts through to the truth: Dr. Joel Sexton, pathologist, works to ensure nobody gets away with the ‘perfect crime.’” Anderson Independent-Mail, Aug. 6, 1989.

“Car runs on sun, in rain.” Solar-powered car passes through Anderson. Anderson Independent-Mail, Aug. 1, 1989.

“On a wing and a prayer: Writer Eric Minton steels his nerves and takes to the skies. He tells how you can soar with the birds, too.” Gliding in Scotland. Off Duty, August 1989.

“Reunion: The Class of ’69. Fast friends from a troubled time.” Two rival high schools—one formerly all black—hold 20th reunions the same weekend.  Packaged with individual portraits of four students. Anderson Independent-Mail, July 30, 1989.

“Where It All Began.” Golfing at St. Andrews, Scotland. Newsday, May 7, 1989.

“Popping in for a pizza.” Pizza Hut opens Pub Pizza franchises in Britain. Pizza Today, May 1989.

“The horse road: The best way to see the Austrian Alps is on horseback.” Off Duty April 1989.

“Country invades Britain: Country music is beginning to make an impact on the British scene.” With sidebar: “British bands break out,” on British country and western bands’ chances of making the charts. Off Duty, February 1989.

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“Invasion of the bargain-snatchers: As S-Day nears, London stores are preparing for the annual blitz.” London stores hold after-Christmas sales. Newsday, Dec. 18, 1988.

“The Perfect Pizza.” Company starts first pizza delivery in Britain. Pizza Today, December 1988.

“Galloping Across Hill and Dale in Lovely Ireland.” Profile of horse trail. Los Angeles Times, Nov. 6, 1988.

“Sibling Rivalry: When dog meets baby, the fur doesn't have to fly.” Dog Fancy, November 1988.

“Merry Olde London.” Cover story. Off Duty, October 1988.

“Underground in England: Climbing, crawling, slipping and sliding are just some of the exciting things that happen in the sport of spelunking.” Off Duty, September 1988.

“Pizzaland PDQ.” Profile of fast-food style pizzeria. Pizza Today, September 1988.

“Twelve O'Clock High: Aging towers and cracked airstrips attest to the Mighty Eighth’s role during World War II.” Abandoned air bases remain in Britain. Off Duty, September 1988.

“Theatre in the ruins: Shakespeare strides the halls of a 900-year-old castle.” Dramatics, September 1988.

“American Cuisine in London: An American living in London characterizes American restaurants in Britain.” R&R in Britain, July 1988.

“Insider’s Guide to London’s Transportation: A London resident explains how to get around the capital simply.” R&R in Britain, July 1988.

“Homeward Bound: PCS in style—sail home on the most famous cruise ship on the high seas.” Queen Elizabeth II. Off Duty, July 1988. 

“England celebrates a victory: England gets set for festivities to observe the defeat of Spain’s Armada 400 years ago.” Off Duty, April 1988.

“RAF Mildenhall: Gateway to the United Kingdom. Because of its location and amenities, RAF Mildenhall is more than just a gateway; it’s a vacation destination in itself.” The Retired Officer, March 1988.

“Ireland at a gallop: Fine view from horseback.” Chicago Tribune, Feb. 21, 1988.

“Days when the ground shook: Still visible in England's East Anglia are reminders of the ‘Mighty Eighth.’” Guide to the remains of American World War II air bases. Military History, February 1988.

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“Beatrix Potter Country: Rambling through England’s Lake District.” Travel-Holiday, December 1987.

“London’s once-a-year bargains: On your mark, get set and GO! Join the crowds for England’s after-Christmas sales.” Off Duty, December 1987.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Presents from Britain: These gifts will bring more than a simple thank you note.” December 1987.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Britain’s Never-ending Roadwork: Take a journey on Britain’s long road to anywhere or construction city.” October 1987.

“Getting around London simply: Climb aboard the Tube, a bus or taxi and view the city with ease.” Guide to London’s public transport. R&R in Britain, August 1987.

“Irish trails: A side of Ireland that stands along among the earth’s natural wonders is easily explored on the back of a horse.” Cover story. Off Duty, August 1987.

“Crossing the Channel: Travel aboard European ferries can be like commuting, or as casual as a mini-cruise.” Guide to ferries crossing the English Channel. Off Duty, August 1987.

“Bringing back a medieval spectacle.” Jousting. R&R in Britain, August 1987.

“A Ride on the wild side: Horse-trekking in Ireland.” Newsday, July 19, 1987.

“Start your engines! Cruise on over to the racing excitement of the British Grand Prix on July 12.” With sidebar: “Collecting racing classics,” feature on race car museum. R&R in Britain, July 1987.

“Tips and Tidings.” Monthly information column on events and sites in Great Britain. Armed Forces Network TV-Guide, April 1985 to July 1987.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Dialing English Entertainment: Explore the offbeat telephone world of British Telecoms Guideline’s.” August 1987.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Debating Britain’s Conveniences: Learn how to be creative with Britain’s ‘modern’ appliances.” July 1987.

“Will your sponsor be there when you need him?” Military works with sponsor programs for transferring personnel. Army, Navy, Air Force Times, June 15, 1987.

“Routing on the rails: British Rail tour.” R&R Entertainment Digest, June 1987.

“Father’s Day in its infancy.” Commentary on the slighting of Father’s Day. R&R Entertainment Digest, June 1987.

“Take off for Mildenhall's Air Fete.” Air Force base hosts largest air show put on by any air arm in the world. R&R in Britain, May 1987.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Learning About Britain’s Water Closets: Delve into the taboo topic of toilets in Great Britain.” June 1987.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “The weather. In this month’s column, American writer Eric Minton finally addresses Britain’s most (de)pressing issue.” May 1987.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Museum-Mania. American Eric Minton turns his gaze toward the specialized, specific and super numerous British museums.” March 1987.

“Quarantine: A caring kennel can help ease the burden of separation for pet owners coping with the British quarantine.” With sidebar: “The Rabies Threat.” Dog Fancy, February 1987.

“Hooked on Thurso: At this station in Scotland, ‘Remote’ is only part of the charm.” Profile of U.S. Navy installation. Army, Navy, Air Force Times, Jan. 5, 1987.

“Loch Ness: Does the legend live?” Army, Navy, Air Force Times, Jan. 5, 1987.

“Bob Payton in London.” Profile of American restaurateur who introduced the Chicago deep-dish pizza to London. Pizza Today, January 1987.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “New Year’s resolutions. American journalist Eric Minton compiles a British version of his list of New Year’s resolutions.” January 1987.

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“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Father Christmas. American writer Eric Minton recalls his search for the real Father Christmas in this month’s column.” December 1986.

“Joining in a magical holiday treat.” Feature on British pantomimes at Christmas time. R&R in Britain, December 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: A night at the movies. “In this month’s column, Eric Minton explains the subtle differences of catching a movie in Great Britain’s theaters.” November 1986.

“Ancient Canterbury awe-inspiring.” The Sunday Oklahoman, Oct. 26, 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “The Royal Mail. In this month’s column, Eric Minton addresses Britain’s postal service as the holidays draw closer.” October 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “British Telecom. “This month, American columnist Eric Minton offers compatriots a lesson in how to use the phones in Britain.” September 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Driving in Britain. In this month’s column, right-thinking Eric Minton shifts to the left as he takes to England's roads.” August 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Eating American. In this month’s column, veteran American writer Eric Minton seeks respect for his countrymen in England’s restaurants.” July 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Catch the cricket fever.” Guide to the sport of cricket. R&R in Britain, June 1986.

“TDs in the U.K.: From blitzes to bombs to ‘combat’ in the trenches, American football has conquered Great Britain in a big way.” Off Duty, June 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “British newspapers. “Veteran American journalist Eric Minton tackles his British counterparts in this month’s column.” June 1986.

“‘Chinatown’ U.K.: Big bargains in fine porcelain is just one good reason for visiting Stoke-on-Trent.” Off Duty, June 1986.

“Living with terrorism: Changes in lifestyles run the gamut.” Contribution to report on American service families coping with life in Europe after America's raid on Libya. Army, Navy, Air Force Times, May 26, 1986.

“Warwickshire, England: Such stuff as dreams are made on.” Army, Navy, Air Force Times, May 12, 1986.

“Mildenhall’s Air Fete: A really great show.” U.S. air base hosts air show. Army, Navy, Air Force Times, May 12, 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Life in a 245-year-old house. Journalist Eric Minton and his Air Force wife join a personal battle to conquer their own home in this month’s column.” May 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “British directions. This month, veteran American writer Eric Minton gets hopelessly, unromantically lost in the language.” April 1986.

“Rebuilt Coventry Cathedral glowing example of world unity.” The Sunday Oklahoman, March 30, 1986.

“Great Britain: Duty there can be a royal treat.” Guide to Britain for newcomers. With sidebar: “Get off base and tour merry England.” Army, Navy, Air Force Times, March 3, 1986.

“Drive yourself happy.” Guide to Britain's best motor museums. R&R in Britain, March 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Bicycles. In this month’s column, journalist Eric Minton describes the perils of England’s bicycle scene.” March 1986.

“In England, Greenwich time to end.” Royal Observatory ends role as the world’s official timekeeper. Greenwich Time, Feb. 10, 1986

“Portsmouth awash with naval history.” The Sunday Oklahoman, Feb. 9, 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Lost in London. In this month’s column, Eric, a journalist for over a decade, tries out his first TV script ‘Lost in London.’” February 1986.

“Greetings from England.” Monthly humor column of an American’s observations of life in Great Britain. R&R in Britain: “Cold and coal: Eric Minton tries to heat a 245-year-old cottage.” January 1986.

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“Day Tripping: Norwich. It’s not just the cathedral that attracts thousands of visitors.” R&R in Britain, October 1985.

“Don’t call me dependent! A male-female perspective.” Analysis of being a military spouse. Army, Navy, Air Force Times, Sept. 2, 1985.

“Payton’s Places.” Profile of Bob Payton, American restaurateur in London. R&R in Britain, September 1985.

“House Hunting: A new British settler shares his experience of finding a place to call home.” R&R in Britain, August 1985.

“Bustling Norwich merits visit.” The Sunday Oklahoman, July 28, 1985.

“I am my wife’s wife.” Tales of an Air Force officer’s husband. Good Housekeeping, June 1985.

“Tourists hit gusher in history-rich cities.” Profile of Bartlesville and Ponca City, both founded by Oklahoma oil barons. The Sunday Oklahoman, May 19, 1985.

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“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Tour Blends Dickens, Old West.” Feature on Christmas show in Lawton. Dec. 1, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Take Short Drive Into History: State Historical Museum Fun for All.” Nov. 24, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “State Park Cabins Make Fine Holiday Hideaways.” Nov. 17, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Wildlife Refuge Alive With Color.” Feature on fall in Wichita Mountains. Oct. 27, 1984

“Guthrie rodeo clown boasts entertaining family heritage.” The Sunday Oklahoman, Oct. 21, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “‘Trail of Fear’ a Halloween Treat: Daytime Fun Awaits Mini-Tripper, too.” Feature on ranch’s horror hayrides. Oct. 20, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Talimena Skyline Drive a Must for Fall.” Oct. 13, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Boiling Springs a Must for Foliage Tour.” Oct. 6, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Mother Nature’s Palette Signals Fall Foliage Tours.” Guide to routes for viewing changing leaves. Sept. 29, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Norman Offers More Than Sooner Football.” Sept. 22, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Neighboring Lakes Have Different Personalities.” Feature on Tenkiller and Greenleaf lakes. Sept. 8, 1984.

“Riding stables stirrup interest.” Guide to horse trails in Oklahoma. The Sunday Oklahoman, Sept. 2, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Park Provides Variety of Entertainment.” Feature on Great Salt Plains. Sept. 1, 1984.

“Oklahoma: Crossroads of the arts.” Guide to the state’s theaters, music and dance companies, festivals, museums and galleries. Horizon: The Magazine of the Arts, September 1984.

“Gil Morgan.” Profile on PGA golf pro at Oak Tree Golf Club in Edmund, Okla. The Legend Newsletter, September 1984.

“Touring pros: Willie Wood.” Profile on PGA golf pro. 84th United States Amateur Championship U.S. Golf Association program, Aug. 28-Sept. 2, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “State Prison to Host Annual Rodeo.” Aug. 25, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Beavers Bend Park Vacation Paradise.” Aug. 18, 1984.

“Nature Trails Call To Backpackers, Hikers.” Guide to trails in Oklahoma. Sequoyah County Times, Aug. 12, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Hot Air Balloon Race, Air Show Highlight Trip.” Feature on festival in Norman. Aug. 11, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “‘Purple Rain’ album no slosh; Nelson, Squier reviewed.” Album reviews of Prince’s “Purple Rain,” Willie Nelson’s “City of New Orleans,” and Billy Squier’s “Signs of Life.” Aug. 8, 1984.

“Musicians organize group to help their own in need.” Report on Oklahoma City’s Musician’s Benevolent Society. Oklahoma Gazette, Aug. 8, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Har-Ber Village Full of Americana.” Aug. 4, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Hugo Bluegrass Festival to Begin.” July 28, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Jackson’s ‘Victory’ disappoints, as expected.” Album reviews of Jacksons’ “Victory,” and Elton John’s “Breaking Hearts.” July 25, 1984.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Club Darcel new class act in Reno-Meridian area.” July 25, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Ardmore Going All Out in Birthday Bash.” July 21, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Mini-Trip Built From Sand, Bricks.” Feature on sand castle contest and brick and rolling pin throwing contest. July 14, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Springsteen’s album, was it worth the wait? The wait is over, ‘The Boss’ is back.” Album review of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the U.S.A.” July 11, 1984.

“Lakes keep sun fun afloat.” Profile of two state-owned lake resorts. The Sunday Oklahoman, July 8, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Ponca City Sights Provide Touch of Oklahoma’s History.” July 7, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Pawnee War Veterans Coming Home.” Feature on Indian festival. June 30, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Shakespeare Festival Will Be Fun, Methinks.” June 23, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Off-Road Fun Roars in State.” Guide to bike trails. June 16, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Jackson album, Motown cashes in on popularity.” Album review of Michael Jackson’s “Farewell My Summer Love 1984,” and Roger Waters’ “The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking.” June 13, 1984. “All-in-all, Alabama gives good concert.” June 13, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Canoeists Paddle Past Scenic Country.” Feature on Illinois River and Flint Creek. June 9, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Journey Offers Movie History.” Feature on Will Rogers and Tom Mix museums. June 2, 1984.

“Eschbach faces competition from pint-sized replica doll.” Oklahoma City sportscaster Al Eschbach has a Cabbage Patch-type doll fashioned after him. Oklahoma Gazette, May 30, 1984.

 “Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Lighting, action primary focus at Good Times.” May 30, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Springsteen releases album with traces of early classics.” Preview of Bruce Springsteen’s album “Born in the U.S.A.” Album reviews of Pat Metheny’s “Rejoicing,” Willie Nelson’s “Angel Eyes,” and Chicago 17. May 30, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Talent Blossoms in Mountains.” Feature on the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute. May 26, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Italian Festival To Offer Fun, Lotsa Pasta.” Feature on McAlester festival. May 19, 1984.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “North May to sizzle with new nightclub?” May 16, 1984.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Manager finds pleasure in club challenges: Owners find nightclub scene constantly changing.” Profile on John McNeeley. May 16, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “‘Michael’s brother’ credit to musical family, too.” Album review of Jermaine Jackson album. May 16, 1984.

“Stations try new formats to challenge local market.” Report on two radio stations changing formats. Oklahoma Gazette, May 16, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “College Museum Houses Rare Art.” Feature on Mabee-Gerrer Museum at St. Gregory’s College. May 12, 1984.

 “Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “City Dudes Welcome at Ranch.” Feature on the Allen Ranch. May 5, 1984.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Restaurant's game room for adults only.” May 2, 1984.

“Teens find orchestra rewarding, even if it ruins social life.” Cover story on the Oklahoma Youth Orchestra. Oklahoma Gazette, May 2, 1984.

“Doug Tewell.” Profile on PGA golf pro at Oak Tree Golf Club in Edmund, Okla. The Legend Newsletter, May 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Old Country Revisited at Festival: Prague Preparing for Kolache Day.” April 28, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Fort Washita to Celebrate Anew.” Feature on frontier fort’s 142nd anniversary. April 22, 1984.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Teens find fun in dance club run by high school teachers.” April 18, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Scenic Beauty Beckons Canyon Park’s Visitors.” Feature on Horsethief Canyon on Cimarron River. April 14, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Waterways Made for Work, Fun.” Feature on McClellan-Kerr Arkansas Navigation System. April 7, 1984.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Sophisticated new nightclub fills niche in city’s nightlife.” April 4, 1984.

“David Edwards.” Profile on PGA golf pro at Oak Tree Golf Club in Edmund, Okla. The Legend Newsletter, April 1984.

“A history of The Greens Country Club.” Roster '84, The Greens Country Club, Oklahoma City, annual. April 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Fairgoers to Relive Days of Yore.” Feature on Norman Medieval Fair. March 31, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Azaleas in Bloom Will Provide Centerpiece for Muskogee Trip.” March 24, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “‘Body and Soul’ gives a careful music blend.” Album reviews of Joe Jackson’s “Body and Soul,” and Alabama’s “Roll On.” “Joel’s unauthorized album not his best.” Album reviews of “Attila featuring Billy Joel,” Mickey Gilley and Charly McClain’s “It Takes Believers,” and The Alan Parsons Project’s “Ammonia Avenue.” “Country singer Mickey Gilley seeks more aggressive sound.”  March 21, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Trip Offers Inspection of History.” Guide to museums featuring Western trails. March 17, 1984.

“Mini-Trip.” Weekly travel column on Oklahoma destinations. Daily Oklahoman and Oklahoma City Times: “Nature Trails Beckoning.” Guide to state’s hiking trails. March 10, 1984.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Middle-aged teens relive ’50s at local club.” March 7, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Heart’s Wilson sisters find quiet niche at top of field.” March 7, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Songs that sound the same; Joel’s new album reviewed.” Commentary on plagiarism and album review of Billy Joel's “Cold Spring Harbor.” Feb. 22, 1984.

“Radio stations wage war in ratings battle.” Report on two radio stations making drastic format changes. Oklahoma Gazette, Feb. 22, 1984.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Jazz orchestra evolves from rehearsal sessions.” Feature on The Oklahoma City Jazz Orchestra. Jan. 25, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Reasons varied for area concert attendance lags.” Jan. 25, 1984.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “M*A*S*H TV show theme adopted by restaurant-club.” Jan. 11, 1984.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Curly Shuffle comes of age; Willie Nelson recalls old days.” Report on new dance, album review of Nelson’s “Without a Song.” Jan. 11, 1984.

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“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Look out, Big Brother, parties ushering in ‘1984.’” Dec. 28, 1983.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Jacksons’ reunion album not due until spring.” Album reviews on Paul McCartney’s “Pipes of Peace,” Rolling Stones “Undercover,” and Clarence Clemons’ “Rescue.” Dec. 28, 1983.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Greatest hits, live albums, top-sellers at Christmastime.” Report on holiday releases, and album review of Lionel Richie’s “Can’t Slow Down.” Dec. 14, 1983.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Newest Christmas pastime, light tours via luxury buses.” Dec. 14, 1983.

“Announcer spreads enthusiasm in music.” Profile of classical radio personality Karl Haas. With sidebar: “KCSC thrives with listener support,” on public radio station. Oklahoma Gazette, Dec. 14, 1983.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Arm wrestling becomes newest nightclub sport.” Nov. 30, 1983. “Country dancing: Cure for nighttime blues?” Nov. 16, 1983.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “1983: Year of The Police; Genesis, Survivor reviewed.” Preview of Police concert, album reviews of Genesis’ “Genesis,” and Survivor’s “Caught in the Game.” Nov. 16, 1983.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Local nightspots find excitement in night football.” Report on Monday Night Football parties. Nov. 2, 1983.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Producer brings new life to Journey’s sound.” Profile on Kevin Elson, and album review of Linda Ronstadt and the Nelson Riddle Orchestra’s “What's New.” Nov. 2, 1983.

 “On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Rogers loved, hated but still is popular.” Album review of Kenny Rogers’ “Eyes That See in the Dark.” Oct. 19, 1983.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Kid’s holiday now party time for ‘big’ kids.” Report on Halloween activities at nightclubs. Oct. 19, 1983.

“On Sound.” Biweekly column of album reviews and music industry news. Oklahoma Gazette: “Kansas: Another casualty in rock’s breakup wave?” Report on band’s turmoil, and album reviews of the Commodores “13,” and Mick Fleetwood’s “I’m Not Me.” Oct. 5, 1983.

“Blues guitarist B.B. King shows thrill is not gone.” Preview of concerts. Oklahoma Gazette, Oct. 5, 1983.

“Shooting Star tries to shoot for the stars.” Profile of rock band Shooting Star. Oklahoma Gazette, Sept. 21, 1983.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “Partners hope to kindle new life in Plaza Forum.” Sept. 21, 1983.

“Nightlife.” Biweekly column on the Oklahoma City nightclub scene. Oklahoma Gazette: “New owners place sure bet on new club Trumps.” Sept. 7, 1983.

“Breakup in America: Supertramp losing Hodgson.” Feature on keyboard player and lead singer Roger Hodgson and saxophonist John A. Helliwell. Oklahoma Gazette, Sept. 7, 1983.

“Cannons rank among best.” Feature on The Cannons, a family of country and western singers. Oklahoma Gazette, Aug. 24, 1983.

“In the name of love, Diana Ross stops Sept. 6 in OC.” Oklahoma Gazette, Aug. 24, 1983.

“Leon Russell adventurer on stage.” Concert preview Oklahoma Gazette, Aug. 10, 1983.

“Despite his image, Newton knows how to entertain.” Preview of Wayne Newton concert. Oklahoma Gazette, July 27, 1983.

“Studio, stage different for Jarreau.” Preview of Al Jarreau concert. Oklahoma Gazette, July 13, 1983.

“Music world, the Coast lose a talented son.” Eulogy for Lamar Williams, former Allman Brothers bass player. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Feb. 6, 1983.

“Positive Mandrell attitude delights audiences.” Profile of Barbara Mandrell. Oklahoma City Times, Jan. 20, 1983.

“Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.” Jam: the music magazine, Jan. 11, 1983.

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“‘Max R&B’ suffers from bad writing.” Book review of The Who biography. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Nov. 27, 1982.

“Louise hopes she can follow Barbara.” Profile of Louise Mandrell. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Nov. 20, 1982.

“Kansas and Christianity: Members of Kansas have undergone their share of changes over the years.” Cover story on bass player Dave Hope and lead guitarist, keyboard player and songwriter Kerry Livgren. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Nov. 6, 1982.

“Elefante adding new life, blood, to Kansas.” Feature on John Elefante, new lead singer for Kansas. Jam: the music magazine, Oct. 27, 1982.

“Soaring with Crosby, Stills and Nash.” Cover story on Graham Nash. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Oct. 23, 1982.

“Hot Spaces Confusing to all but Queen.” Feature on rock group Queen. Jam: the music magazine, Oct. 13, 1982.

“‘Takin’ it to the streets:’ The Doobie Brothers call it quits after becoming too big to hold themselves.” The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Oct. 9, 1982.

“Versatile husband, wife team to close fair Sunday.” Profile of Louise Mandrell and R.C. Bannon. Oklahoma City Times, Sept. 30, 1982.

“Fleetwood Mac’s concert magical.” Concert review. Oklahoma City Times, Sept. 27, 1982.

“Entertainer shows professionalism: Newton-John abandons balladeer role.” Concert review of Olivia Newton-John. Oklahoma City Times, Sept. 23, 1982.

“Survivor tries to go the distance.” Profile of rock band Survivor's founder Jim Peterik. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Sept. 11, 1982.

“Singer-comic collects gifts in performance for Shriners: Sleepless night in motel led him to write hit song.” Profile of Ray Stevens. Oklahoma City Times, Sept. 9, 1982.

“Genesis Power Streams Forth With Three.” Profile of Genesis’ guitarist Mike Rutherford. Jam: the music magazine, Sept. 7, 1982.

“B.B. King Still Rolls Out Good Times on Lucille.” Concert review. The Sunday Oklahoman, Sept. 5, 1982.

“‘Bored’ has no place in Liberace’s book of life.” Profile of Liberace. Oklahoma City Times, Sept. 2, 1982.

“Mandrell sister gains by ‘happy accidents.’” Profile of Irlene Mandrell. Oklahoma City Times, Sept. 2, 1982.

“Singers’ talents shining.” Concert review of Crosby, Stills & Nash. Oklahoma City Times, Aug. 30, 1982.

“Exciting Music, Lighting Effects Enliven Queen’s Performance at Myriad.” Concert review. The Sunday Oklahoman, Aug. 29, 1982.

“Doobies’ farewell mixed affair.” Concert review of Doobie Brothers. Oklahoma City Times, Aug. 27, 1982.

“Beguiling variety crowns Queen’s divergent efforts.” Profile of bass player John Deacon. Oklahoma City Times, Aug. 26, 1982.

“Doobie Brothers rollin’ away while still solid.” Profile of guitarist John McFee. Oklahoma City Times, Aug. 26. 1982.

“Al Jarreau Subtle, Smooth in Concert.” Concert review. The Daily Oklahoman, Aug. 22, 1982.

“On top or not, Jarreau will have his music.” Profile of Al Jarreau. Oklahoma City Times, Aug. 19, 1982.

“"REO Speedwagon starts slow, gains momentum for smash finish.” Concert review. Oklahoma City Times, Aug. 19, 1982.

“Genesis shopworn in return show.” Concert review. Oklahoma City Times, Aug. 16, 1982.

“Genesis chemistry succeeds in threes: Myriad concert Sunday.” Profile of guitarist Mike Rutherford of rock band Genesis. Oklahoma City Times, Aug. 12, 1982.

“Singer stalks off Lloyd Noble stage.” Report on B.J. Thomas concert. Oklahoma City Times, Aug. 6, 1982.

“Figuring out Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielsen: It is possible?” Cover story on group’s lead guitarist and songwriter. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., July 31, 1982.

“Kansas gets act together: Lights remain; talent shines.” Concert review. Oklahoma City Times, July 26, 1982.

“Survivor gets hot with ‘Rocky’ song.” Profile of Jim Peterik, founder of rock band Survivor. Oklahoma City Times, July 22, 1982.

“Kansas’ wayward sons carrying message.” Profile of Kerry Livgren, guitarist, keyboard player and writer for rock band Kansas. Oklahoma City Times, July 22, 1982.

“Even in the heat, Toto’s sterling music kept fans moving.” Concert review. Oklahoma City Times, July 19, 1982.

“Zany Cheap Trick due in Norman.” Profile of lead guitarist Rick Nielsen. Oklahoma City Times, July 15, 1982.

“‘Tonight’ Still Belongs to Cheap Trick.” Profile of lead guitarist Rick Nielsen. Jam: the music magazine, July 1982.

“Emmylou Harris busy with tour, live album: Talented singer to grace Norman stage Friday.” Oklahoma City Times, July 8, 1982.

“Confusion reigns for Alabama.” Profile of Randy Owen, lead singer and guitarist for country band Alabama. Oklahoma City Times, June 1982.

“Former pop superstar returns to classical music of India.” Profile of sitarist Ravi Shankar. Oklahoma City Times, May 5, 1982.

“Philly’s soulful duo.” Profile of Hall & Oates. Jam: the music magazine, April 28, 1982.

“J. Geils Band’s music like shot of adrenalin.” Concert review. Oklahoma City Times, April 20, 1982.

“Foreigner’s new album marks a new era for the band.” Jam: the music magazine, February 1982.

“Mr. TV music, please: Mike Post helps the stars look, sound good.” Cover story on television soundtrack composer. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Feb. 20, 1982.

“They took a gamble and it paid off.” Profile of black country and western band in Biloxi, Miss. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Feb. 13, 1982.

“Janie Fricke is a star’s star: Singer of jingles is beginning to get some respect outside the studio.” The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Jan. 30, 1982.

“For Alabama, life is better at the top.” Profile of Randy Owen, lead singer and guitarist for country band Alabama. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Jan. 23, 1982.

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“Springsteen, Petty, Nelson put on best performances.” Cover story retrospective of the year’s concerts on the Gulf Coast. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Dec. 26, 1981.

“Blackfoot’s learning to live with the blues.” Profile of lead singer and guitarist Rick Medlocke. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Dec. 19, 1981.

“Venturing to see a legend at the Dome.” Cover story on a Rolling Stones concert, with sidebar concert review: “The fans got ‘Satisfaction.’” The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Dec. 12, 1981.

“Sharpshooter Band is a close musical family.” Profile of new Southern California band. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Nov. 7, 1981.

“Gayle, Rabbitt have Nashville roots but not Nashville ruts.” Cover story on Crystal Gayle and Eddie Rabbitt. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Oct. 31, 1981.

“Hall & Oates: A Philly duo that’s getting some respect.” Profile of John Oates. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Oct. 24, 1981.

“Tom Petty: A refugee aiming for a little fun.” Cover story on concert. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Oct. 10, 1981.

“Little River Band enjoying Exposure from George Martin.” Profile of drummer Derek Pellicci. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Oct. 3, 1981.

“Living in a Golden era: William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys realizes his dreams; now he returns home.” The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Sept. 26, 1981.

“Rick Wills of Foreigner is happy to be a juke box hero.” Cover story. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Sept. 19, 1981.

“The obligatory Van Halen review: Van Halen has talent, but it’s directed nowhere.” Concert review. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Sept. 12, 1981.

“The Commodores work out the kinks.” Feature on the band’s rehearsals before launching its tour in Biloxi, Miss. The Sun, Sept. 3, 1981.

“The Commodores plan to take it ‘Easy’ on the Coast.” The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Aug. 29, 1981.

“A new life and direction for The Allmans.” Profile of Butch Trucks of the Allman Brothers. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Aug. 15, 1981.

“Music with heritage and pride: Whatever Southern rock is, it seems to keep rolling along.” Cover story. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Aug. 15, 1981.

“Backstage at the Coliseum: Stagehands, roadies run the show before the performance starts.”  Feature on rock concert’s production. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Aug. 1, 1981.

“A tribute: Harry Chapin gave himself to his fans at each concert; here is one final gift to him.” Eulogy. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., July 25, 1981.

“Kenny Rogers is taking aim at another record to add to the list.” Cover story. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., July 25, 1981.

“The Jacksons: Making a night of 90 minutes.” Concert review. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., July 18, 1981.

“This fall is looking good for concerts.” Cover story; analysis of Gulf Coast music scene. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., July 11, 1981.

“Al Green finds new inspiration for his old moves.” The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., July 4, 1981.

“Eric Minton catches The Cold: The Cold heats up the South.” Cover story on New Orleans band. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., June 6, 1981.

“Labels come and go, but the Bellamys’ music is unchanged.” Profile of David Bellamy. The Sun Biloxi, Miss., June 4, 1981.

“John Travolta played the part, but Gilley is the Urban Cowboy.” Profile of Mickey Gilley. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., May 30, 1981.

“Takin’ in some ‘Amazing Grace’ from a real cowboy.” Concert review of Willie Nelson. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., May 2, 1981.

“Delbert McClinton singing the blues again.” The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., April 25, 1981.

“Dan Peek says God blessed him and America.” Profile of former America member. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., April 11, 1981.

“Santana puts some heart into Mobile appearance.” Concert review. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., April 4, 1981.

“A day with the Welk family.” Feature on The Lawrence Welk Band preparing for a show on tour. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., March 14, 1981.

“Myron Floren: the man behind Lawrence Welk.” Cover story on accordion player and Welk’s substitute conductor. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., March 7, 1981.

“Charlie Daniels: just entertaining the common folk.” With sidebar: “Saints should go .500, according to Daniels,” on singer’s views on football. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Feb. 28, 1981.

“Running wild in Mobile.” Concert review of Bruce Springsteen. The Sun/The Daily Herald: Marquee, Biloxi, Miss., Feb. 14, 1981.

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“Death’s legal limbo: Erica Bradley’s case raises questions about Mississippi law.” Victim of child abuse is kept alive because the state has no brain death law. With sidebar: “Life support kept child alive 20 days.” The Sun, Biloxi, Miss., Nov. 17, 1980.

Basket full of press badges“Phillips’ loss opens basketball program.” Community college plays its first-ever intercollegiate basketball game. The Sun Biloxi, Miss., Nov. 1980.

“Alberto Gianquinto: From San Francisco to Columbia, street life to student life, down-home living beat his fast-paced blues.” Cover story on former B.B. King and Santana keyboard player who enrolled in college. Columbia Missourian Vibrations, May 18, 1980.

“The Traveling Troupe.” Cover story on members of the Royal Shakespeare Company visiting a small college in Missouri. Columbia Missourian Vibrations, March 9, 1980.


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