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"Eric comes through again."

— The Honorable Dennis M. McCarthy, Lieutenant General, U.S. Marine Corps, Retired
Executive Director, Reserve Officers Association
Chairman, National Commission on the Structure of the Air Force



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From my mother, I learned planning and organization. She provided a perfectly ordered home in the seven locations the Air Force sent us, from an apartment in Ankara, Turkey, to a sixplex townhome in Fairbanks, Alaska.

From my father, I learned devotion to duty and intellectual pursuits. He accomplished two successful careers, as an Air Force chaplain and a physician assistant, applying those standards.

From my wife, I learned people and organizational management. She achieved the rank of colonel in the Air Force by simultaneously serving the mission and the people under her command.

From my seventh grade English teacher, Mr. Thomas, my high school biology teacher, Mr. Burns, and my University of Missouri magazine editing and semantics professor, Dr. Ranley, I learned the pursuit of excellence. No easy A's in their classes.

From covering the amusement industry, I learned about "triple redundancy." From covering the military, I learned about second-, third-, and fourth-order consequences.

All of these are foundational principles in my approach to editorial projects.

My first experience with producing an editorial product was as editor of my high school newspaper. I was the first junior appointed to the position in the school's history; thus, I was the editor for two years. The years of working on daily newspapers and writing magazine features honed my time management skills. Meanwhile, magazines such as Off Duty and Midwest Living assigned me to create special editions, and the President's Committee on Employment of People With Disabilities invited me to join its communications subcommittee in 1996 expressly to manage production of publications.

As a copy editor for the Associaton of the U.S. Army, I managed the production of a couple of publications, which led to my being hired as editor of The Officer magazine at the Reserve Officers Association (ROA) in Washington, D.C. What would have been a typical managing editor job took on more dimensions within six months when the Air Force transfered my wife from the Pentagon to be commander of the Defense Distribution Depot Hill in Utah. I transitioned from ROA employee to contractor, running a turnkey operation producing the 10-issue-per-year magazine, from planning to printing, on a set fee.

I have since become a go-to choice for editor of congressionally mandated, military-focused national commissions: