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"Your professionalism and editorial ingenuity will be sorely missed. The metamorphosis of The Officer magazine under your stewardship has been phenomenal."

— Dennis Pelligrino, Publications Committee member, Reserve Officers Association



My title was Copy Editor, but my duties ran the gamut of the editorial spectrum when I worked for the Association of the U.S. Army's (AUSA) Institute of Land Warfare. My wordsmith assignments ranged from proofreading publication galley sheets, copy editing defense reports and briefings, and substantive editing of academic papers. I was managing editor for two major publications: the Profile of the U.S. Army—A Reference Handbook, distributed to Army personnel, miitary families, and war colleges; and Your Soldier Your Army: A Parents' Guide by Vicki Cody, wife of the then vice chief of staff of the Army, distrubuted through Army Family Support Centers.

A practitioner of both AP and Chicago style and a devotee of Strunk and White's The Elements of Style, I have been employed at all levels of editing:


I approach editing as a spectator sport: practice, practice, practice to hone the talent; enter the publishing arena (newspaper, magazine, government report, website) with a confidence bordering on arrogance; execute my skills and a deadline-aware strategy for triumphant results.

Editing is as much a collaboration with the writer and other editors as it is that editor's own wordsmithing skills. It's hard to provide samples or statistical evidence of an editor's singular success, but I offer three examples of my work as an editor incorporating all of the levels listed above.

          Image of the cover of The Officer, "Combating Suicide" with a black and white photo of a soldier in combat gear against a rough-hewn wall with shadows all around          Caricature of William Shakespere in casual blue jacket and slacks, open-collar white shirt, leaning on a rolling suitcase, earbud in left ear attached to iPod in breast pocket, iPad in his right hand
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"I'm going to miss you and your mentoring. I learned so much from you. Nuts to your leaving!"

— Jeanne Kouhestani, Associate Editor, The Officer