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A writer and editor with photography and graphic design capabilities, I have racked up more than 35 years of experience in newspapers, magazines, trade and association publications, and website publishing. My computer skills include proficiency in word processing and design software as well as virtual publishing and proofing programs. I designed, built, and manage this website.

As a sole proprietor and former owner of a limited liability company, I am a capable manager of budgets, both my own and those of organizations I've worked for. Over the years, through training and osmosis, I've developed strong strategic planning and process management skills and a dedication to continuous process improvement that saves money and time, cuts down on mistakes, and strengthens the product.

My experience as a journalist ranges over a wide spectrum of subject matter. I've extensively covered the amusement industry, the military, and health issues. I became an expert on the Americans with Disabilities Act and disability issues and worked with the President's Committee on the Employment of People with Disabilities.

I started my writing life as a sports writer, worked an education beat, became a music critic and entertainment reporter, and launched my freelance career as a travel writer. As an editor I've worn many descriptive labels—copy, city, project, managing, and in-chief—in many settings: daily newspapers, academic institutions, government agencies, magazines, and a Web newsletter.

“Sixty percent of you would still be more valuable than 100 percent of anybody else we could hire.”

Lani Burnett
Director of Industry Relations and Director of Advertising,
Reserve Officers Association

My wife is Sarah Smith, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and currently a senior consultant at a not-for-profit government consulting company. Not only did I serve three stints as a commander's spouse, I have had a front-row seat in lessons on leadership and management by watching her progress through her military and post-military careers. Our personal interests are Shakespeare and theater (manifested in my web site,, baseball, cooking, music, and travel. We live in Northern Virginia in the heart of the Capital Region. Caricature of Shakespeare

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